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Window tinting
I have ordered a pre cut window tint set which arrived today and intend to fit over the weekend.
I have done this before on a previous car and the job tunred out ok apart from the curved rear window, that tint ended up in the bin Angry . Having educated myself with a few youtube videos, I've learnt that a heat gun is needed to mold the rear so will give it a go.
I have just done a reccie of the van and see that the 4 side windows are held on at 3 points, each with a star key headed screw. If I remove these star key screws, will the window simply come out?
I think it would be easier to do with the windows removed as cutting the tint around the 3 'hinges' on the glass in situe could get messy and I want a neat job.
I am going to save the rear window for last.
hi johnnie i done mine a while ago and it is a lot easer taking the windows takes two people to do this job as one is needed to hold the window as the other undos the fixings. mine were not pre cut but wasnt a hard job. the rear window i had done by a pro because ive heared there a night mare to do.must say it looked easy enoth and yes they use a hot air gun to fit.....he laid and cut the film onto the outside and heated it to shape first before removing the backing and fitting.............good luck with it!
Thanks. Fitted tint to the side windows ok but the back window was, despite my best efforts, a complete failure and now in the bin. It just would not shrink at all and just started creasing so game over.
I have since been told that the tint I bought was probably inferior quality, only the best grade tint film actually shrinks properly. I wish I'd known that first.
do as i did and go to tint shop and let them do it wont be dear.
Yes, probably best. How much did you pay for the back window?
i think it was £30

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