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Windscreen washers and radio BSI problem?
I am hoping someone knows a lot about BSI systems on a Mk 1 Berlingo Multispace, one of the last of the old type headlight models, manufactured 27 June 2002, RPO number 09362FV (FV= Built in Spain). It is a 1.9D (DW8).

The problem is (I suspect) linked to the BSI and maybe a bad earth somewhere. Usually, everything electrical works OK. Battery voltage with engine running is OK at 13.8V. The problem is that sometimes (not always) when you operate the windscreen WASHERS they fail to work but then also the radio cuts out. There are no 'radio' controls on the steering column switches on this model. If it was just a faulty switch contact then I can't see it EVERY TIME time cutting out the radio when the washers don't work. When the washers do work, the radio stays on. The windscreen wipers themselves are fine - they always work. I think the only point of connection between the radio and the washers is the BSI unit and maybe an earth somewhere.

I'm thinking of buying a code reader as my own car is now a 06 plate Xsara Picasso (1.6 petrol 16 valve) - which code readers will do BSI codes as well as engine fault codes?

How do I do a proper BSI reset on the Berlingo? Not that I think it needs one.

For your 2 cars you can buy the cheapest Lexia you can find on
the ebay. Only Lexia can find BSI faults.
Find on the forum BSI reset procedure before you buy Lexia
Now the rear wiper motor comes on whenever the front one is on, and the reversing lights are on all the time the car is being driven.

It seems this may be a canbus wire problem as described in this thread:

Any further ideas?

I'll be looking at it soon, trying to fix it..........

This is the bsi reset procedure.

This should sort it if done correctly
I've seen similar reset procedures before - all seem to assume a remote key (this vehicle does not have central locking). Is there a standard procedure for vehicles without central locking? Some seem to say reconnect the battery with headlights on, but that would result in a surge as you reconnected - not a good idea surely? My own suspicion is that many of these problems are caused by damp and'or corroded wires or earth connections.

Where are the earth wires? The Haynes book refers to the BSI being earthed at E2 and E3 - E2 being 'left hand wing' and E3 being RH lower A pillar. This is on page 12.27 of the Haynes manual number 4281 (berlingo, and partner P reg to 60 reg). Anyone know where these wires are exactly?
The advice above refers to this site:

and is to be followed when programming keys, or after doing so! This is not the issue here.

There is a complete manual for the Xsara Picasso on the web here - does anyone have a downloaded copy to share??

you can read this one online but not download for free.

without really understanding the complexities of these systems there is little hope of anyone (citroen included) being able to sort out problem cars.

Is there a standard BSI reset procedure for cars that don't have central locking or key blipper buttons?

The Haynes diagrams don't show the engine ECU for ;later models and don't show any canbus wiring - realy helpful!!

I suspect the reality is that if a Citroen or Peugeot car has weired electrical problems, no-one may ever be able to fix it. I've heard of this before - 4 failed attempts by a main dealer so the owner just trades in the car and someone else gets the unsolveable problems.

Really gives you confidence in Citroen when their own dealers can't sort things out.
Just follow the bsi reset and leave out the bit about the remote key it should work ok.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
The mantra here is to start cheap and simple and to stop looking too deep into problems.

If the battery has ever been disconnected without putting the bsi into sleep then the symptoms you describe are the usual problems.

Just leave out the remote locking section of the bsi reset I sent you and it should solve your problems.

Remember if your pc at home starts misbehaving the first thing you do is to reset it to see if that solves it , its the same thing here.
Well today I did the obvious- checked the reversing light switch and that is faulty so that explains why rear wiper worked all the time all of a sudden when the front wipers were on (and reversing lights on all the time too) Just a stuck switch.

It's hidden behind the clutch operating arm - any ideas to get it out? A deep 22mm socket maybe?

It's a quite seperate problem to the main issue of screen washers not working sometimes and when they don't the radio goes off. Checked for engine codes but none stored as you would expect. I don't have a Lexia3 unfortunately......Tried the BSI reset procedure but no difference.

I would normally suspect the switch on the washers stalk but how could that make the radio go off ONLY when the washer switch failed to work? When it does work the radio stays on fine. There are no radio commands on any of the stalks on this ancient vehicle. Could the washer pump sometimes be taking just too much current and this is causing the BSI to power down other non-essential circuits?

Do these items share a fuse? Haynes diagrams are difficult to follow to put it mildly.

I've just read this thread:

Oh my, do Citroen have fun with water in their electrics...!!!!
Oh and I forgot to add, the owner now tells me that from time to time (not very often) the airbag light keeps flashing on and off. A garage told her it was a wiring problem. Helpful........

Are there any earths common to airbag system, radio and washers..........?

It's a 52 plate 1.9D, the last of the models before the headlights changed. The RPO is 09362FV which gives a build date of 27 June 2002, in sunny Vigo.

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