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Winter deisel
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Hi guys,

Just returned from a ski trip in the Alps and a little experience that is worth a mention. I'm probably telling you something you already know but I certainly overlooked it and got caught out! Took the beloved (car !) to the Alps where the temperature fell to minus 18 overnight. I think you know where this is going! Having filled up with nice (cheaper) diesel in Spain I paid the price when it waxed up and the engine failed to start. The scientists amongst you will know the freezing point of diesel (depends on type of diesel, around -30 'ish) but the normal, 'run of the mill stuff', starts to 'gel' at around -10. TOP TIP! Either fill up locally (the local resort diesel has an additive in it to delay 'gel' action) or purchase a proprietary additive either en route or in the U.K/Spain prior to departure. This additive will lower the gel point to about -28 (depends on manufacturer). Luckily I found a very nice garage who put the car to bed overnight and all was sorted after it got over the shock!
Won't do that again!

Oh, also, I'm told that its best to have at least 3/4 of a tank as this prevents the problem of ice forming in the tank.

Best wishes to all,

El Berlingo Confusedunny:
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tis best to keep the tank fullish cos water vapour in the air in the tank condenses out in really cold weather.

the cold weather anti waxing additives in diesel cost money so they only put in what they need to for the location and time of year.

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