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Wishbone/ball joint removal
I need tyo replace the P bushing and went to split the ball joint to remove the wishbone. Turns out it's not the normal ball pin scenario so the ol ball joint removal fork is no use. What is the trick to split the ball joint??
p bushing ????
if your meaning the front control arm it is just a balljoint and pin,club hammer usually splits it easily,try and open the gap with cold chissel that usually helps, i try to avoid fork splitters they usually split the rubber seal around the balljoint
The ball joint has a pin and groove to locate it, undo the nut and knock the bolt out then force the arm down to pull the joint out of it's hole. You can open the slot up a bit with a chisel or flat screwdriver knocked into it or just WD it.
So where does this bit go then ?
Cheers guys, the 1st side I started on was one of those awkward don't wanna play ball times. A good bit of persuasion was needed. The second side done in no time. The van handles 100% better.

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