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Wont Start
Hi My berlingo 1.9 2003 wont start just keeps turning over. Even with start spray it nearly starts but nothing. Been told might be fuel problem but unsure. I can see fuel going into filter and coming out to the fuel pump (does have small air bubbles don't no if that makes difference) thats as much i know about fuel on the engine. I aso have faulty sender as my fuel gauge is always dropping.

Here is list of stuff i have try so far.

Bump start
Tow bump start
Change glow plugs
Check timing belt
Definite enough fuel in
Checked fuses

So any ideas anyone?

Someone did also mention immobilizer but not sure how check this.
Flat battery in key?? Immobiliser not allowing vehicle to be started. Try the spare key!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I've try the original key but won't turn in the ignition. Starting to think might be faulty bsi unit
Problem fix turns out be faulty in bsi unit done reset all working apart from central locking
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That's good you have her all sorted, out of interest how do you do a bsi reset?
Drivers window down
Wait 3min
Disconnect battery
Wait 15 sec reconnect
Wait 10sec put side light on leaning thro window
Then turn ignition on
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Actually here full run down.

The very first step is to unplug the diagnostic tool from the vehicle.
Make sure all the gadgets are switched off, the driver’s window lowered down and open the bonnet.
Then close all the doors and take off the key from ignition.
After a 3 minute interval, unplug the vehicle’s battery terminals and wait for a further 15 seconds.
Attach back the battery terminals and give a 10 second pause making sure the doors are closed.
Turn the side lights on.
Now turn the engine on and inspect the system functioning.
Press and hold down the lock button on the key for 10 seconds.
Check the central locking system by unlocking and locking the door consecutively.
Turn the engine on again and finish inspecting the system.
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