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Worried newbie with 1.6HDi 92hp engine
Having become aware of turbo problems affecting the 1.6HDi 92hp engine, (e.g. read Jimbo's experience), I have been wondering what steps I can take to stop it happening to our 2007 Citroen Berlingo Multispace Desire with about 15000 miles on the clock.

One action I have already been taking is to allow the engine to idle for some 30 seconds or so before switching off.

Another is a more frequent oil change with the object of keeping the oil as clean as possible.

Although it is only 3000 miles since the last oil change, the oil in our Berlingo is black which I put down to the fact that garages use a suction method, which leaves old oil in to contaminate the new. It was black only a day or so after the change.

The web site at warns against using suction methods amongst other very specific recommendations.

This coming week, I plan to flush the engine with Wynns Engine Flush For Diesel Engines, drain the old oil, preferably using the sump drain plug. fit a new Halfords/Fram oil filter, and refill with Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W30.

It will be interesting to see how clean the oil is a day or so afterwards!
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Welcome RoyP. Well, oil changes are extremely important and certainly more often than PSA recommends. After all, their dealers are in the repair business too. From a brand new engine I changed my oil and filter at 3000km, 8000km so far. I suck my old oil out and get the same amount out as its supposed to hold. I have no worries about a few drops of the old stuff remaining. As far as turning black right away I've read that that's the way it is with diesels. As this is my first I have no other experience to draw in. I too use Total Quartz Ineo ecs 5W-30 and always change filter with the oil.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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I never suck -the spit or swallow ultimatum is inhumane.Sad

Regular changes can do no harm,but I would be wary of putting anything other than oil into the motor.
How can you be sure you have flushed out the engine flush? -it won't offer too much lubrication if any remains.
I would also be very cautious of fitting pattern filters -unless you are positive they use the same grade of filtration.
Hi and welcome to the forum royp. I have found, without doubt, that using best quality diesel, ie, BP Ultimate or Shell V power, plays a major part in keeping the engine clean internally, which in turn, extends oil life, it also gives smoother running, more power and a few extra mpg. I've found this to be the case across a wide range of diesels, Smile
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
My turbo was starved of oil caused by the gauze in the oil feed pipe being blocked if I could turn back the clock that gauze would have been removed months ago, as to the question would the bits that where caught in the gauze have damaged the turbo anyway ? I would have taken my chances.
Make sure, make sure, you use the correct oil. Use proper filters and change them both frequently.

Don't worry about it turning black, it'll do that by the time you've driven round the block
I know mine is a high miler so don't know about its first 120 000 miles but for what it costs any time my buddy does any work on the hearse I get him to change oil n filter , it can't hurt :thumbsup:
After a few miles oil is filthy black lol . Its a diseasel after all !
However I do tend to agree with evdama , I wouldn't put anything except engine oil where engine oil goes , the thought of any residue being left just scares me silly Rolleyes
Thanks for the helpful replies. This is my first diesel and was (still am) surprised at how quickly the oil goes black. It does seem that's something I just have to accept!

I'm now in two minds about flushing with the :
"Wynns Engine Flush for Diesels 425ml
Wynn's Engine Flush for Diesels is an oil treatment for cleaning the oil circulation system of diesel engines and preventing contamination of fresh oil by residues left behind."

My concern about the turbo can be traced back to a wikipedia page at My 2007 Berlingo is the only Berlingo to appear on the (long) list of vehicles using the DLD-416 (or DV6) engine.

"The engine must be run with a low SAP oil because of the nature of the particulate filter and exhaust gas recirculation valve. Even short periods of running with incorrect oil can cause sludge to rapidly accumulate and block, in particular, turbo oil feed pipes which will then lead rapidly to turbo failure. As a result of this, manufacturers have issued detailed guidance on changing the oil of the DV6"

That guidance is at (and other places).

However, further reading has indicated that, because my vehicle's VIN includes "9HXC", it does not have a particulate filter. Perhaps that means it does not have an "exhaust gas recirculation valve" either? Perhaps this means my vehicle is not so likely to suffer a turbo failure after all?

I'm still pondering whether or not to use the "Wynns Engine Flush for Diesels" before the change of oil and filter.

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You will have an EGR, see attached.

Personally, I wouldn't use the product. If I wanted to flush the oil, I would use oil and a new filter. Drain and change the oil & filter. Drive until it's up to temp, then leave to drain overnight before replacing the filter again and refilling.

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Like the other contributors have said ,black oil is normal- at just 30 miles on the clock the oil in my 2012 van looked like it had done 30,000.

I might be missing something but the whole reason you're doing all this is to protect your lubrication system so why are you even contemplating putting on a cheap filter and flush.Confusedcratch:
Halfords and Wynns are unlikely to support you if it all goes wrong and Citroen will just give a one fingered salute.

Dont forget a new washer on the drain plug (or anneal the old one if its copper.)


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