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XTR with ETG6 and Stop/Start System
Hi, I have stop/start with the auto gearbox and it is driving me insane! I know it can be switched off temporarily by using the switch on the dashboard, but this resets when you switch the engine off. Does anyone know if it can it be switched off permanently?
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
I don't know the answer to your question, but how long have you had it? I find it brilliant personally - it does start instantly whenever you take your foot off the brake - I think Citroen quote 0.4 sec, which is less than the time it takes for my foot to get to the other pedal. How is it causing a problem?

It seems odd to me now when I'm sitting at the lights and all those old-fashioned cars are merrily burning fuel while going nowhere.

I've noticed that it does automatically disable when it's cold out and the engine's cold. It also restarts if you wait long enough for it to get cold too.
I've had it nearly 4 weeks. The problem I find is that when you pull up at junctions and roll slowly or the same in nose to tail traffic, it stops before you come to a complete stop when you just want to set off again, and makes for jerky progress - I guess I just don't like it! it probably works a lot better on a manual version.
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
I know what you mean, and did the same when we first got ours. I've kind of got the hang of knowing when it's going to do it, and just easing off the gas when I know it's going to do it.

I think it's when you set off when it hasn't actually finished stopping. It only ever happens if it's been stopped for less than a second or two.
Maybe I just need to try and get used to it as you say. I wonder if it will have any adverse effect on the starter motor in years to come with stopping and starting so many times in a day?
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
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Hi jayjay

I asked the question when I picked mine up, but there is no way to turn it off permanently unfortunately

I struggled with it at first but after a few weeks I have tuned into it and find it great now, I linlve seeing how high I can get the Eco timer!

Afaik, it doesn't use the starter motor. It's actually the alternator that does the starting, that's why it's so silent and quick. However at a grand a pop, it will hurt when it does go wrong!

I managee to get my engine off for 27 mins of a 1hr journey in London!
Ouch, that will hurt! Let's hope that it is a Citroen part that will stand the test of time then! Interestingly I have just dropped mine off to try and have a rattle sorted out somewhere at the front, and they have loaned me a manual DS3 which has the stop/start system. This is much better as you have to knock the car out of gear and release the clutch before it stops. Maybe it would have been a better idea if Citroen had made it so that the ETG6 had to be placed in neutral for the stop/start to kick in? Anyway, I'm sure I will get used to it and appreciate the benefits in time.
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
I think it's spot-on as it is, but it does jump if you're heavy footed and it's not quite stopped.

If you're queueing downhill you can roll without even starting as long as you keep a tiny bit of pressure on the brake.
I like the " creep " function on the Pug stop / start 
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
The Berlingo one also creeps - the dealer told me they didn't in the past, but they added it recently.

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