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Yeomans - Spamming Junk Mailing Citroen Dealer
I bought mine new from Yeomans of Fareham, and they've been sending me regular junk mail since I got it. Now, as it approaches its second birthday, they're ringing me too. Twice in the last month so far.

Among the garbage they send, I've had special VIP invites (whoooo!), some junk disguised as a registration document and a golden ticket - do they think I'm aged 10?

I've asked them for the third time to stop sending me this brainless junk and phoning me - perhaps they'll actually pay attention this time? - I doubt it, they've ignored my pleas before. I don't know why they do it - are Citroen buyers particularly stupid and likely to be easily impressed by special invites (to spend £1000s!)? Do they think that if they annoy me enough I'll buy a new car just to shut them up?

If I wanted to buy a new car I would, but I'd actually be inclined to buy anywhere but Yeomans just to avoid this assault of rubbish.

Are all Citroen dealers this bad?
In the 4.5 years since I got mine I get emails after emails from Hidsons in Gravesend with all the SPECIAL offers, and the occasional mail shot.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Never receive anything from LMC - but then I bought my van through the business sales.

Went to Yeomans as they're only up the road but they wanted £££££ more than anyone else - even their services costs are higher than everyone else
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Wife constantly gets phone calls from the local Vauxhall dealer where she boight her Corsa. Keep asking the to stop, but they dont.
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Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Depends on the dealer. The one I bought both my Berlingos from was like that. What used to irritate me mostly was the questionnaires they wanted me fill in every time I took the car in for service or even the smallest warranty repair. Then I would get emails wanting me to rate them on some website & if I did not give them top rating on everything then they would phone wanting to know what went wrong. What stopped me using them after 3.5yrs was when car suffered only breakdown it has ever had. Egr valve failed. I got it home, called Saga for breakdown, they use AA who was there in 20mins, diagnosed failed Egr, I knew it anyway & hooked it up for suspended tow.

I rang my dealer who casually told me that they could do nothing for 2 weeks & did not even offer me a courtesy car. I rang another Cit dealer near me & they said bring it in & I had car back fixed next day. I still use them. What a difference, friendly & professional but no questionnaires & phone calls. The previous dealer still emails me occasionally though.
Spot on. If they put as much effort into customer care as they do in spewing out this carp I'm sure they'd have more long-term customers. They don't seem to appreciate that the annoying service and warranty repair customers are also future car buyers.

I'm going to try out another local Citroen dealer for my next service. I'll also see if they can fix the rattling driver's door window mechanism that Yeomans failed to fix.
Tell them your next new Citroen will be coming from Carwow as it will be many thousands of pounds cheaper but you will still be using them for any warranty work. Then keep them chatting on the phone as long as you can about specifications, dimensions, colours and the weather. They will soon take you off their 'mug list'.
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To be fair, they did a very good deal on it - about £3.5k off the list price, and a very generous part-ex. It cost about the same as a Fiesta in the end, so great. It's just a shame that they then sour buying a great car for a great price with all this rubbish.

I run my own business selling direct to retail customers and there's no way I'd hound people like this - I'd expect it to be counter-productive, in that people who might be about to buy from you would go elsewhere just to get away from you.

At the very least, if someone tells you to stop contacting them then just stop.
Got to love buying a new motor then getting mail a year later asking you to trade in and buy another!
Yeah, because that money tree is flourishing in the back garden.
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I bought mine in 2014, so the earliest they'll see me again is 2024! Especially now that VED is going up to £140 for all new registrations instead of the £30 I pay.

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