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Yet another fusebox diagram request - sorry!
Hi all.  I know, I know - another newbie with a request for a fusebox diagram.  Well, to mitigate, let me tell you the story (at least it may give some of you a laugh )

I bought my Berlingo van a couple of years ago and it's done sterling service ever since with very little input/cost to me Smile  Last week a good friend was moving house & asked to borrow her (the van!) for a day.  I don't often loan her out, but I owed a favour Sad  Anyway, he brought her back that evening.  I say brought her back - he had it towed back   Dodgy  Apparently, the wipers stopped working, so he had a look at the fuses.  And then it wouldn't start at all  Angry

Now, I suspect he's been fiddling around willy nilly in the fuse box - but without an fusebox diagram, (why don't Citroen put them on the underside of the cover??) even though he "knows about these things" (yeah, right) I have no idea what he's done - and nor does he apparently Angry So, I now have a pretty much dead van.  It's a complete non starter - the only lights on the dash when the ignition is switched on are the oil light and air bag light (briefly) and the hazard warning light is on.  I tried the BSI reset procedure, but the only difference it made was that along with the lights previously mentioned, the fan heater ran for about 5 seconds - then back to square one.  

It's a 51 plate Berlingo 600D LX (1.9) van, and despite searching online for hours and hours (literally) I cannot find a fusebox diagram/idiot proof guide (cos sadly that's what I need Blush ) that looks comparable to mine.  But odds are, I won't - now  Rolleyes ]
And here's a pic - just so you can all (when you've stopped laughing) go  Huh  
[Image: r2jlw7.jpg]

The moral of the story - NEVER let ANYONE borrow your van.  Especially when they say they "know about these things"   Rolleyes
Please, please, can anyone help??
Hi there I havn`t got a diagram for you or time to type out the list of fuses just yet but if you can get hold of a Haynes manual its in the back of there. Try a library if you have one near you and borrow one. Don't forget there is another fuse box in the engine bay to with maxi fuses in. In the main box F1 is the radio f2 is engine control unit instrument panel, F4 LH front/RH rear side lights, F9 RH front/LH rear side lights number plate light.
Hope this helps a bit.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Ive been trying to upload a diagram but cant as I don't have a tiny pic plugin and the files are too big,
a fuse for the wiper switch is in position 27 (second from the top left 5 amp, probably not for the wipers though0 which is in the row of fuses (BSI fuse box) below the box you've shown 2nd from the left, 25 amp.. the other fuse box under the bonnet doesn't have fuses listed for the wipers ,

If someone can tell me again how to get the tiny pics plugin i'll try again with pictures
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 I've found a way to post the fuse box pictures (I Think )

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Thank you all for your input so far - I really appreciate it Smile And brodfather11 - you truly are A Community Gem - the pdf you've posted is closer than anything else I've seen Smile Off to give it a go shortly! The only difference I can see is the shunt fuse - can anyone confirm that this is in the correct place on mine? And if not, where should it be? (I just can't trust what the "friend" may or may not have messed with Sad )
" The only difference I can see is the shunt fuse"

If you are meaning f23 fuse then its either cigar lighter live all the time or live only with ignition on.
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But if it were a cigar lighter, then wouldn't that be a 20A, whereas mine is marked SH at position 23??  I'm concerned as in my (many) hours of Googling, there are some sites which seem to indicate the SH fuse is something to do with the BSI Huh
Right - I've tried to follow the diagram given by brodfather11, and carried out the bsi reset. I can get display/dash lights now but it's still a non starter Sad There is no manual at my library, and I don't know anyone with one. But I'm doubtful that even this would provide the answer - there seems to be so many different fuse boards for the same model. I'm stuck! It has me completely baffled!! Please - has anyone any suggestions/recommendations?? I just want a diagram of the fuseboard that's in my van!!!!
I haven't got a diagram but I have a list of the fuses in an earlier vehicle. It's not brilliant as it was done on phone.

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So where does this bit go then ?
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When you say non starter what do you mean ,?

Does the engine turn over,

if it does what colour if any of exhaust smoke/fumes
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