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air-con service
hi do Citroen service the air-con when servicing a vehicle?

Paul Ryan
It's not on the list in my mk2 book.I was advised to run the air-con for at least 10mins monthly to prevent seals drying out.Have done that & never had air-con problems even on older cars.
Hope this helps.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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  • CandR
our vehicle has just had its 1st service so was wondering if Citroen check if its working as it should

Paul Ryan
This is what honest John has to say on the matter:

Citroen are running a current special offer:


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(24-05-2012, 01:05 PM)tc_1 Wrote:  This is what honest John has to say on the matter:

Citroen are running a current special offer:



That Citroen offer sounds good.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Aircon service supposed to be done every 2yrs, a main dealer service will offer it at 2yrs but its optional. If a/c fails within 3yr warranty it will be fixed whether serviced or not. I didn't bother with mine. I shall get it done next yr at 4yrs. Its still working fine at moment. I run mine for at least 10mins weekly thruout year as suggested.
Mine's in for a dodgy MAF sensor replacement under warranty tomorrow. The aircon isn't working at present and we think it's due to low levels of gas, so I'm having it serviced at the same time. If that doesn't sort it then citroen say it will be a warranty fault. I'll let you know if it was worth it.
mine is an 04,never touched or topped aircon,still works fine,i do run it in winter every month just to keep things tickerty boo
Well, mine was completely empty of gas when they looked at it. Now they didn't know if it was either a leak or had never been filled, but it seems that if for example your systems needs 450 grams of gas to fill, but 200 to run, during manufacture they will only put in the bare minimum to make it run, meaning that it doesn't need much to leak before your compressor will not run.

When I asked about an extended pressure test they suggest I keep using it and if the gas leaks out they will investigate and fix under warranty....
I think its Kwik Fit who will regas your aircon & if it don't stay cold they will refund you. You can also buy diy regas kit from Halfords. I would have thought though that if gas has leaked out then aircon will need more than just a regas to keep working. The gas does not leak out over a period of time as a matter of course.

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