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alternator help..wierd. ..
Hi guys.

Thanks for previous help...

I now have s problem today my battery light has been on and off all day continuously..
Also theres a clicking from the relay to the left of the fuse panel below the steering wheel.
This sort if coincides with the battery light on the dash.

As this happens the heater blower cuts out and comes back on as the relay clicks.

The alternator belt was a bit loose so thats been tightned this afternoon.

Still the same but not quite as bad when im going at speed..

So I thought maybe the battery or alternator is broke.

Tested with a multimeter the voltage on the battery terminals with engine off and running at about 3000 rpm and voltage stays the same 12.05v.

Is there any better way to check whats wrong or is it likely to be the alternator??

Would the relay click and the fan cut in and out if it wasn't working?

Thanks in advance

The voltage is definitely not right. Running it should be over 14v.

Replaced my alternator very recently. How old is the battery??

It's likely to be the alternator or knackered battery. I suspect the cutting out is lack of power when you are putting load on the battery?

My alternator was charging the battery very slightly, but not enough and as soon as I put too much load on it the battery was struggling to cope and the light came on.
Thanks mate..

Now I dont know how old the battery is but even if the battery was knackered wouldn't the alternator still show 14v roughly.?

Been driving round all day at work then with a probably knackered alternator and with radio on and started everytime and ive done about 40 drops..stops and starts so I would hope the battery is ok..

How much would a garage charge to fit a new one, labour as I would have to source an alternator myself due to cost.

Cheers again..
I paid £60 to have one fitted that I purchased myself for £80.

The garage quoted me £150 to £200 to supply and fit depending on cost of part and upto £250 for a refurbished Valeo one.
Cheers tucker... heres my new findings..

I tested like I said with meter the voltage at battery, with engine off 12.6v with engine on 11.75v..

Kinda weird.. why would it drop with engine running?

Oh also just in case the label on the alternator says Lucas lrb346 could do with a second hand one really, if anyone knows of any good places?
Also is there any other cross reference models I could look up, I found an lrb437 but don't know if its the same Sad

Thanks Gary
I would imagine it's dropping because you are drawing power from it and the alternator is there to generate power for the electronic components and also re-charge the battery.

If it's not functioning right, the battery is doing all the work and also discharging slowly.

If left it might knacker the battery too if it flattens it.
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It may be that you have a poor earth connection which is responding to engine vibration,
hence the problem with the voltage when the engine's running. Before you condemn the
alternator it may be prudent to have it checked. Just a thought...
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
(14-11-2013, 01:15 AM)OlJeffers Wrote:  It may be that you have a poor earth connection which is responding to engine vibration,
hence the problem with the voltage when the engine's running. Before you condemn the
alternator it may be prudent to have it checked. Just a thought...

Cheers for that info on the you or anyone know where the earth points are for me to check pls?

Thanks gaz
Well all sorted..had new alternator fitted..problem solved..the relays stopped clattering and heater doesnt now cut out..

£110 fitted..

Thanks for the input guys..


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