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alternator part no ?
Anybody got a part no for a bosche alternator , I'm trying to find a set of bearings but I need the part no for the alternator

Its for a 1996 mk1 partner 1.9 d chassis no VF35BD9BD 60012052

If you just need the bearings then simply strip and look for the part numbers etched onto the races.
These bearings are common sizes and easily obtained from a local factors or online. A tenner should cover it easily.
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Thanks Geoff ,
But if I strip it i'm stuck for transport to the local factors 20/50 miles away. I've had a look at a similar age motor and got a number then I ordered two bearings @£9 quid apiece on the net. Hope i've got the right ones. Twenty pounds is still a lot cheaper than a recon one.
.... 6203 2RS are a common Bosch size, which ones did you order ? ..... just being nosey...

While the alternator is apart have a look at the diode pack and check the brushes for wear / remaining life.
This is the part ordered

They have all the parts needed for rebuilds, so I'll go back if any other bits are needed.
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That's a good site to visit, thanks.
yes it seems OK . I,ve used it to get starter motor brushes for a lucas starter that was fitted to a 40/50 year fork lift truck built by Yale ? with a petrol engine out of a commer with a gas conversion. The oil has not been changed for the last twenty years and is still looking as if it was changed yesterday , mind you it will only do about 1/2 mile per year max and it still has the original tyres and never had a puncture ,( Solid tyres ) :whistle:
(06-03-2013, 09:39 PM)brodfather11 Wrote:  This is the part ordered

They have all the parts needed for rebuilds, so I'll go back if any other bits are needed.

Didn't realise that folks were still into reconditioning their own stuff like this, thought the way forward was this sealed for life shite and thought the days of being able to buy component parts over the counter had long gone. Used to do my own with the old Lucas ACR range of alternators and with starter motors. Useful website adress too so I copied it thanks.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
I don't trust anyone else much with my stuff - the cost aspect of DIY is the clincher. Makes Valeo starter rebuilds quite cheap.
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