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battery probs i think
Evening chaps,

Im having a little prob with my latest van.
Heres a bit of background, it may help or may not. I recently bought this berling (2004 1.9 enterprise) as i was missing my old one which we had from new. Its spot on and drives well the only noticeable thing is the starter squeals when you start it is apparently a recon unit (it looks new so i belive him) but starts no worries.

Any way to the problem. I started it up the other day and left it ticking over with heater on full to defrost while i cleared the drive of snow. I turned round to see a little blue smoke from the exhaust so i went up to it and switched it off i noticed the abs light and some others were on. I checked everything i could and nother looked amiss. so whent to start and it was completely dead.
Anyway i come back later on and tried it it fired up but with batt light on. so i charged up the batt overnight and it started fine with no lights on. So i went to use it this morn and it started but after a few secs batt light is on.

So my question is.....what should i do now.
Get the alternator checked first. Then the battery.
Replace which ever necessary.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Right. after charging battary it ran with no lights on dash. I then parked the van up for 3days but when i came to use it again, i couldnt get in (long story but finally got in). The batt was absolutly dead. So ive charged it up again and it started fine. I disconnected the bat and then left it, so coupled it up today and started no problem again with no bat light on. Ive measured the voltage across battery on its own its 12v but when i measure it with engine running it drops to 11.8. The current draw off the batt with engine off is 0.5A.
I suspect alternator but why isnt light on all the time? Is 0.5A about right for current draw for it?

It is the dw8 engine.

Any ideas my good folk?
You'll get current draw as the red light and odometer display are on. With the engine running it should show over 14v with the meter across the battery and a charged battery should show over 12.6v.
So where does this bit go then ?
Alternator has died by the sound of it
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

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