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bsi ? instrument cluster?
1.9d forte multispace 2001

hi everyone,,, i just joined so might take a while getting used to this forum, . i have a problem i would like a bit of advice on ... my dials ie: speedo, rev, and lights on my dash are all out and flicker sometimes when driving , only light that comes on is airbag light and parking light? strange.... i believe it to be a problem with bsi unit or the instrument cluster itself , what could cure this ? also when i checked the bsi part number in my multi-space and the part is actually for a 1.4 petrol forte but mine is a 1.9d non turbo, it was working fine until about 3 months ago. sometimes when driving and i noticed that it was when the car got very hot the dials and lights would spring back to life for a short time. any help would be much appreciated
my 2001 1.9d did exactly the same, second hand clocks from scrap yard for £20 and fixed
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Could be a bad earth on the instrument panel , have you checked this?
yes,, like homeuk says, check bad earth before changing anything. put in a 2nd independent earth wire if ya have to
checked earths and they are all ok , might just go ahead and try a second hand set of clocks, as long as it passes mot i dont mind about wrong mileage reading , i will get back and let you guys know how this went,
Mileage should be stored in the ecu, changing clocks won't effect this.

If it did everybody would be changing clocks at sale time so they could sell a van/car with a lower mileage!
i doubt that the clock is at fault,, most prob a bad connection along the wiring somewhere.. i do know that 1 fuse works most lights... it would be worth taking out the clock but still connected and start the engine up,, shaking the wires then and see what happens,,, i had something similar, it was deffo bad connection,, not just earth
my 2005 multispace had problems with the mileage display the screen cracked when I took it apart to clean inside it (bit ocd but it did my head in seeing all the dust and grime in it) and I thought I would just buy a new cluster but I checked with my citroen garage if it was possible and they said the cluster was matched to the bsi and a new one wouldn't work. I ended up buying another cluster and taking the display out of it and swapped it over and it worked thankfully
(09-06-2014, 10:46 AM)homeruk Wrote:  Mileage should be stored in the ecu, changing clocks won't effect this.

If it did everybody would be changing clocks at sale time so they could sell a van/car with a lower mileage!

Be careful changing clocks, the mileage is stored in the clocks and the bsi, if you plug in a new set of clocks with higher mileage the bsi will switch to the higher mileage figure forever, or if the bsi is higher mileage the clocks will jump to that mileage, it's to prevent clocking in the main I suspect Wink
I have been told by an auto electrician that in some cases it will add the 2 mileages together but it depends on age of the bsi and clocks, better just getting the faulty clocks repaired I think.
Just google berlingo instrument cluster repairs and you should find a few company's that will do it and just find the cheapest

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