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central locking
Hi all,

We now have a 2002 2.0 hdi berlingo.

The central locking doesn't work. We only have a normal key so no remote.

When you lock the driver’s door none of the other doors lock or do anything at all.

There is no noise or any clicking from anywhere.

I have had the door cards off both sides and there is only 2 wires going to each door lock. ( a green one and a green?yellow one) The wiring diagram in the Haynes manual show that there should be a few wires going to them so am confused on that.

I have checked out all the fuses and they are all fine.

Any ideas where I should look now?

Many thanks

Do you have a central locking button in the middle of the dash?

If not you don't have central locking
Central locking button?

No such thing on my Mk. I, and it definitely has Central Locking.

This is a car with the BSI...
Pre-BSI models wuld have the central locking controller behind the panel on the side behind the driver's seat.

I would never trust a Haynes wiring diagram further than I can throw the book, and frankly... I throw like a little girl...
(They take apart a limited number of cars when they write the book, and never ever manage to get all variations in the electrics)

Most systems with keyed actuation have 4 or more wires on any actuators mounted on doorlocks where this functionality is expected to be used. (2-wire actuators are usually slave units for rear doors and such)
It may be possible that the central uses the actuator like a small generator, to produce a voltage spike when it's moved because a key is turned in the lock.

Now, I can't imagine that Citroën fitted a 'wireless remote only' system, and if there's no Central Locking, then what are the wires for?
This is a mk2 berlingo and therefore should have a central locking button on the dash if its fitted.
Actually, DrPaul only says '2002 HDI', and that could just as easily be a Mk. I.
(The thread about a Sluggish Van seems to be about anoter Berlingo)
Possibly but then why has he posted this problem in the mk2 section?

Drpaul care to clear this up please?

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