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diesel chip
Has anyone any experience of fitting a diesel chip to their 1.6HDi ? The websites make impressive performance/economy claims but are they too good to be true?
They will make a difference. Stories abound of them causing MIL if adjusted too far up. Nowhere near as good as a proper remap - but cheaper and you can take it with you to your next vehicle.

I had one on my 2.0 HDi - I now have had it remapped and there is no comparison.

You pay your money and take your choice.
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Beware !
I recently bought one for my 2009 1.6 xtr then discovered its almost impossible to fit.
The common rail pressure switch is located at the rear of the engine, half way down. A major operation to access.
Fortunately the company i bought it from is giving me a refund on return.
that's good to know - definately not as "easy as 1-2-3" to quote the websites!

(02-04-2012, 01:27 PM)sanaar Wrote:  Beware !
I recently bought one for my 2009 1.6 xtr then discovered its almost impossible to fit.
The common rail pressure switch is located at the rear of the engine, half way down. A major operation to access.
Fortunately the company i bought it from is giving me a refund on return.

I also discovered it was quite difficult to fit a tuning box to one of these. I did manage eventually, but it took me around an hour. It came with quite decent instructions to help, but it was still quite a chew on.

Mine is a Bluespark Automotive tuning chip. I'm really quite pleased with it, its a proper digital one. Whether its as good as a remap I couldn't say, but it seems slightly better on Diesel, and is noticeably more powerful and torquey.

I'd be interested to drive a remapped 1.6 HDi for comparison. Coco, would you mind telling what brand of box did you have on your 2.0 HDi?
Hi Coco :wave:

Was your chip unit a basic one or microproccessor based ( seem to be £100 more than base level ones ) ?

Did you have to use a preset to select either economy or performance or did you get both "on tap" ?

Presumably a remap gives both just by driving style a( and you say more effectively, by what factor would you say ? )

cheers Confusedalut:

Hello Jericlin,

Here's a link to the Tunit item I used:-

As you can see, it is adjusted via a dial and can be re-programmed by the manufacturer. Probably do it yourself as well if you know what you are doing.

I used it on my 406 then swapped it over to the current vehicle. To do this I had to buy a new wiring harness as the plugs are different betwee the Bosch & Siemens systems that I had. I then sent it back to Tunit to be tweaked because it didn't work as well - it did when it came back!

Using the adjuster you can gradually increase the power. Initially, this can give better economy as you gain more torque, however, go too far and the gains back off as you come to the upper reaches. Of course, all of this, like everyday driving, depends on your right foot !

If you are considering a remap then I suggest you speak to a couple of places that offer the service. Tell them what you are after in terms of performance or economy and see what they tell you. Take your time and do your research.

Here's links to a couple of places that I have heard nothing but good about, may be some use:-

The last one, Tor Garage, is the one that I used. I'm not saying that these are the be all and end all, there are others who may be as good, if not better. This is just a place to start your research
Hi Coco :wave:

Thanks for that, very informative. Unfortunately Newton Abbot is a bit more than a run out for me. Should be down in August for a family do, but wouldn't be popular if I sneaked off, and a long way to go IF any problems.
Did you sell the old chip box ?
Will look at those other sites Confusedtudy: and my sussy bank Confusedcratch:


(newbie alert!)

Hi all - I have a 2002 Partner Combi 2.0 HDI 90 with Siemens SID801 ECU to which I have added a Synergy 1 tuning box, set to "no.6" (see RoverRon on various forums). These boxes are almost universal I think, and transferrable like the Tunit.
It feels like £165 very well spent! I find the acceleration is now strong and smooth from low down rpm, and I can now be a bit lazy with the gears without the car shaking. Fuel economy looks the same as before, about 48mpg across town and A-roads.
My insurance renewal with this new modification is looking good too...

So in summary I haven't found a catch yet - unless my new addiction to modding my car (£42 de-cat pipe + £3.99 de-EGR plate next) will end up leading me to a custom remap!
Hi Twiddler :wave:

Very interesting, had a Google for Rover Ron which came up with his site Confusedtudy:.
There was a link button to another outfit at same location selling a similar unit with a PDF list which included Partner 2HDi but omitted to list Berlingo 2HDi ( no obvious reason without asking !Confusedcratch: ) Sure many would be interested in , if nothing else , a hint as to who or which Insurance companies are receptive to this sort of modification :whistle: ?
Worth noting that these tuning boxes have remote ( albeit slightly limited) switching at an extra cost, Had been planing the same myself but just "off" or "on" ( or standard or chip box ( however set on the selector dial ) .With a scangauge or similar it may show up changes. Confusedcratch:

As a point of possible general interest I use a stand alone GPS speed camera indicator ( Similar to Talex ) which shows very accurate actual speed in 1 MPH steps on fairly large numerical display which sits on top of the instrument cowl, right in front of my eyes !! I drive a different hire car almost every week and its surprising how many have speedo's reading higher than actual :eek:

Please keep us all updated :woop:

cheers Confusedalut:Confusedalut:


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