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Why is it my 2.0hdi only does 40mpg whether i do short or long journeys?? any idea;s ?
Fuel consumption has no relationship to journey length (other than the obvious engine temp).
the stats for consumption state a combined of around 50mpg, cant understand why im only getting 40!! whats the normal engine temp on a 2.0?
There are many reasons why the vehicle is only doing 40 mpg. Binding brakes, incorrect engine temp readings from the sender unit, engine running too cold due to thermostat not working correctly. Assuming these things are ok, I would check Airflow meter and Air cleaner. If all of these OK, it could be the injectors over fuelling.
thats a load of cool things i can check, thxs for that. cant see it being the brakes as there good and there i9snt no ex wear, whats the thermo temp if anyone knows? how can you check the injectors and would it be better to fit a cone filter?
Brakes do not need wear to slow you down, a subtle and almost imperceptible drag is enough to affect mpg.
Injectors are best left to the professionals as sophisticated equipment is needed to test these.
Temp ? Cone ? - sorry.
Driving style and the weight of the stone residing inside your shoe is a big factor.
Diesel engine thermostats start to open about 85c and fully open about 100 c
(14-05-2013, 09:08 PM)Lighty Wrote:  If all of these OK, it could be the injectors over fuelling.
Make sure you haven't got a MAF enhancer fitted:lol:

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!

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