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fuel filter
I'm about to change the fuel filter on my 07 1600hdi.
A mate told me I should take it to a garage to be done as the system has to be re-primed.
Is he right, or could I do this myself? He's got me worried now.
If it is a job I could do myself, how do I go about doing right.

Oh yeah! Can't seem to find a workshop manual anywhere. Are there any about? Cheers.
On the 2.0HDi it's a case of undo the fuel pipes and unscrew the top of the housing. Drop a new one in replace and tighten the housing and reconnect the pipes. To bleed it, squeeze the rubber bulb/grenade like thing until it goes hard. Check yours and see if you have anything like that attached in the fuel lines anywhere. Be SCRUPULOUSLY clean!!!
Looks like a sealed unit I need, one of these...

It says.....
'You will need to take off the Fuel reheater unit and Water sensor from the old unit and fit onto the new one'.
Do these just unscrew/unclip off. Don't want to go pulling things when I shouldn't, I'm a bit heavy handed at times.

Coco, would this bulb/grenade thing be under the engine cover on the 1.6hdi?

I know I sound like a bit of a dumbo as I'm only changing a fuel filter, just want to do it right.
Certainly on the 2.0 it's under the cover, near the filter and in the fuel lines
There pretty easy to replace...:-)
1)turbo intake
2)airfilter intake + disconnect maf sensor.
3)Release tab to remove fuel filter from the holding bracket
4)Disconnect water in diesel +fuel heater plugs
5)Undo filter feed/return hoses (push in white tab on connections and pull hose from filter housing.
6)Remove fuel heater and maybe apply alittle grease to oil rings before refitting.
7)Reconnect feed/return hoses...heater + water in diesel plug.
8)Refit filter into the priming bulb until it becomes difficult to compress.
9)Check for leaks and then start the engine...if it will not start/or it cuts out after starting then then prime the fuel system again.
Hope it helps..:-)

[Image: Carphotos007-1.jpg]
[Image: Carphotos012.jpg]
[Image: Carphotos015-1.jpg]

Prime until the bulb becomes difficult to compress.

[Image: May-June09059.jpg]
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You are a star Ron. Many thanks.
No problem bingo...Maybe add any tips when you have ago at it yourself..:-)
A quick question. In photo 4, I see the fuel primer and the fuel line which is connected to it, but what is the other pipe that runs along side it? Many thanks.
(29-06-2011, 08:10 PM)bingo Wrote:  A quick question. In photo 4, I see the fuel primer and the fuel line which is connected to it, but what is the other pipe that runs along side it? Many thanks.

Afaik its some sort of air breather for the fuel system.
Althought I don't see in the diagram below...:S
You just need to prime the bulb well to fill the filter and purge air back to the tank....I usually prime until i hear the diesel gushing back into the tank..Smile

[Image: 16hdifuelcircuit.jpg]
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Bringing this back to life.

Row, great post, very helpful but I have a query as I'm about to tackle the fuel filter replacement. When priming you say to just squeeze the priming bulb until it becomes hard to compress, sounds very simple, but my Haymes manual says (if you don't have a specialist connecting pipe to return priming fuel to the tank) to fit a length of tube on the fuel outlet of the filter and prime until fuel runs through and then connect the outlet back to the fuel line...which is it or is it either...I prefer the ease of your

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