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fuel gauge
Are the fuel gauges prone to sticking?

Was just at the low fuel light when I got 20 euro diesel, left and gauge didn't move, though it might pop up later

Went too and from the climbing wall, 8kms and it went down as if I got none,

Now I dislike the owner and went back with the thought of getting another 20 euro and if it went up by 20 or not at all having a right go off the owner.

But it went up by the 40

Happened anyone else
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I can catagorically state that
the hearse is the proud owner of the most accurate fuel guage I've known in 25 years of motoring :thumbsup:
Yes, I have similar problems because I run LPG.

The amount you put in must have been border line for it to re-read the tank contents.

The gauge works by reading the tank only occasionally. It works out what fuel you are burning and deducts it from the needle.

It will normally reset on adding fuel, but not if you don't put in enough.

My petrol gauge drops even though I am burning gas. Then after a week or so it twigs the tank is half full and not empty and resets.

Basically, it's not a fault as such... just supposed to be a solution to the fuel needle that goes from a quarter to half when you go round a roundabout!!
Thanks mm 20 euro don't get ya much anym[/align]ore. 13 litres ffs

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