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grinding noise coming from the front
hello,my 07 1.6 hdi van has a light grinding noise coming from the front end.some more detail:
Only when the van is moving,
it is there at all speeds,
if i press down the clutch while driving the noise is still there,
im thinking it could be a bearing,
i checked the front wheels and they are fine,

Has anyone an ideas what this may be and what i can do myself to check thank u
Check the arch cover is secure & that nothing is caught on driveshaft plastic bag or suchlike.Confusedalut:
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Does the grinding increase and decrease in conjunction with road speed?
If it does then it should be at the wheel end, could be the brake disc backplate catching on the disc or the wheel bearing, you cannot always feel play in a failing wheel bearing but usually hear it during cornering.
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thanks guys so far i will check for objects caught under but i dont think that is it to be honest.Roadrally u might have some there cause it seems to get be louder when cornering but it still hard to pinpoint.if it was a wheel bearing that wouldnt be so worried if it was a shaft bearing or clutch bearing.The grinding kinda increases wit speed but is more or less constant.i can very slightly feel the grinding/vibration through the steering wheel at times
It sounds like a bearing gone, check CV joints, driveshafts, wheel bearings, or like I had check for a pulley bearing gone, it makes the same noise in that area.
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I'm new to this stuff what are the cv joints?pulley bearing this sound seems more from underneath the van but I will check this
Have you checked for a stone getting trapped between the brake disc and shield?
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Does the noise sound like a whirring noise by any chance?
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Your best bet is to take to a mechanic and get it check with a stethescope to pinpoint the fault, then ask how much to fix and then you can umm and ahh over it. It sounds like your not mechanical minded to fix it yourself so this is your best bet.
It's hard to describe the noise but humming/grinding/wornen sound from front end when moving.maybe c a mechanic is my best bet and at least know what it is if he tells the truth!I also was thinking of letting the van role down a hill with engine off to c if sound still that worth a try?

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