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hdi or not
thinking of going hdi been reluctent to as my 2001 berlingo van is virtually problem free & highly reliable.

but thinking about facelift model so i can pimp up a bit ie colour coded bumpers and alloys , .

sorry ive not really read up on hdi systems at all stuck in the past .

reliable ? or should i stick with 2001 model ? really should learn about these hdis now tbh .

thanks all

something like photo would be aim sorry if its your pic but its
looks great .
[Image: 706c0528f86697197606.jpg]
Cost of repairs is far higher with hdi engines compared with 1.9D which is presumably what you have now. So if you are happy with what you have, I would stick with it. The 1.9D was available in vans up to about 2007, I think so you can get a newer van & stick with 1.9D if you want. Both older, pre 2005 2.0hdi & later 1.6hdi have much better performance & lower fuel consumption than 1.9 but particularly with 1.6hdi you want a full main dealer service history as correct oil needs to be used.
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ah thanks thats interesting might look for later model 1.9d oh yes mines 1.9d .

beter fuel would be good though ,


(12-04-2013, 07:18 AM)wertyu2007 Wrote:  ah thanks thats interesting might look for later model 1.9d oh yes mines 1.9d .

beter fuel would be good though , no that i can complain about mpg on mine though .

Unless youre going for a new or nearly new 1.6 I'd stick with a 1.9 as long as you can.
We did some costings a while ago comparing the costs of the different fuel consumption of the 1.9d with the others and then taking into account service costs at higher mileages and the costs of replacement fuel injection parts. We decided that it was swings and roundabouts and that the better fuel consumption of the HDis was offset by increased servicing costs. Our first DW8 had done 180000 miles when we got rid. It had only had normal servicing parts plus heater plugs and a radiator. It used no oil although I used to change the oil and filter every 6 months (about 6000 miles) and an air and fuel filter every year. Simple to service at home.

my father had a pug 405 td for years . we had a talbot horizon with the pug 1.9xud in it, have had a 306 1.9d which we passed on to our daughter, have recently got an 02 berlingo with the dw8, have had no engine problems with any of them.
the xsara picasso 2.0hdi we got when daughter took the 306 in august has cost a bleedin fortune trying to fix the engine management light and was chopped in for a vw sharan 6 weeks ago....shortest time ive ever had a car and more spent on its engine than any other..
was looking for a 2nd berlingo, but the sharan came up local......will tow a heavier trailer than bertie and the loadspace is longer
ok thanks a lot everyone , food for thought lol .

what about the berlingo trek 4x4 wow want one !!
My 2004 HDI 2.0 with patchy service history and 140k on the clocks had been a reliable old girl in the 40k I've done in it, barring a some oil weeping from the sump plug and the PAS fluid leak (common problem on these it seems, the gaffers 1.6 HDI does the same thing) I've driven a NAD 1.9 and find them underpowered TBH. Love the old XUD 1.9 Dturbo's though!
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

Very nice and Dangel do some great mods.
I wonder whose seen this clip of a Mk.II:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I love my 2.0HDI. Had no problems so far, in the 18 months I've owned her. Not cost me a penny except Service parts, tax and insurance. Big Grin

I specifically looked for a 2.0HDI but personal preference.

(13-04-2013, 02:07 PM)OlJeffers Wrote:

I want that fitted on mine!!

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