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good morning & happy christmas.

just a quick question, can I update or improve the quality of my headlights /lights, in my multispace?

The reason I ask is I also drive a merc, and there is vast difference in headlights between the 2.

I know I cannot fit xenon bulbs, but is there an acceptable alternative?


That's one of the first things I did. I put in Osram Night Breaker Plus and noticed quite an improvement. I think that model has been changed/superceded to/by Night Breaker Unlimited now.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
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I use night breaker unlimited's, and they are a massive improvement over standard bulbs.
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Another thing you can do is get a wiring kit with relays to mount in the engine room.
Normally, the relays are mounted under the dash, with relatively thin wires going back there, then forward to the headlights.

Thin wires have a higher resistance, so lead to a higher voltage drop.

The wiring kits have thick wires that mount directly to the battery, go through relays next to the battery, then a short distance to the headlights.
To hook them into the wiring loom, you just take the connector from one of the headlights and plug into a special connector on the new wiring kit. Plug the new light connectors into the lights, and connect to the battery.
(20-12-2015, 10:54 AM)Gadgetman Wrote:  Another thing you can do is get a wiring kit with relays to mount in the engine room.

Below is a link to a Land Rover upgrade kit, the principle is the same for any vehicle ( thought you may like photos )

 Looking at the image - there are three plugs in the bottom left ......the two female plugs attach to the headlamp bulbs and the single male plug connects into ONE original headlamp plug and subsequently acts as the signal for the relay activation.
The top left black box is probably a fuse holder.
The red wires with a ring connector goes to the battery supply and the black ring terminal wire in the centre goes to earth.

Have to say quite a neat solution and sensibly priced for the right vehicle but whether you'd derive a benefit on a Berlingo will be up to someone else to test out as my wallet tells me the cost / benefit ratio won't be high enough for it to unzip.
I'd add a vote for the decent bulbs party too. I fitted Philips X-Treme something-or-other about 10 months ago but one's just blown, so I put one of the factory standard ones back in. It's like brown candle light in comparison.

I've just ordered some Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs.

The wiring kit's a new one on me, but it makes perfect sense. The best start would be to probe a voltmeter on the back of the bulb with the ignition on and engine off. If it's a lot less than the battery voltage then it should be worth doing. There will be a voltage drop through any cable, but hopefully it's a lot less through the one shown.

My only concern would be that premium bulbs seem to operate on the edge of death even with a typical voltage drop - they are known to blow sooner. Perhaps the wiring kit could transform standard amber bulbs into a clearer white, but posh bulbs are already bright white with the lower voltage so I don't know whether they could pop pretty regularly.

I'm tempted to try it though. The Berlingo (current model) headlights aren't brilliant - they're acceptable with posh bulbs but terrible with standard ones.

Is there a reason that Land Rover kit linked above wouldn't work in a Berlingo? As it's an H4 plug and socket it should just plug in.
ive got night breakers on mine but bought a set of drl and going to wire them to come on at main beam
" Is there a reason that Land Rover kit linked above wouldn't work in a Berlingo? As it's an H4 plug and socket it should just plug in "

No reason why not .... cable lengths would be the main thing to check before buying
(21-12-2015, 11:49 PM)Ewanm77 Wrote:  ive got night breakers on mine but bought a set of drl and going to wire them to come on at main beam

years ago i had a fiat 131 , wiring on that was crap,  headlights were crap , something like 7 volts at the bulbs, i put a set of relays in which transformed it.

ive also used various extra bright bulbs on various vehicles again well worth doing. if your unhappy with the std lights.and the voltage is ok.
Actually, thinking about the wiring kit - I'm sure that on an old Land Rover the headlights are a simple circuit, wired via the switch on the dash. I'd be really surprised if the Berlingo or any modern car is wired like this. I'd bet that the headlight switch sends a message via the CAN bus to a relay somewhere physically close to the lights themselves. Not only because this is technically better, but also because car makers are tight, and wouldn't spend on a few metres of expensive thick copper cable if there was a way not to.

I don't actually know how the headlights are wired, but I'd be surprised if that wiring kit was an improvement.

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