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heater blower not working at all im freezing
Hi all.

My 51plate 1.9d berlingo has no blower working at all..please can someone help me as I use for work all day everyday and im getting colder day by day lol.
I have tried the switch on the dash in all positions and nothing.
Where do I start first?
Is there a fuse I could check?

All help appreciated alot.

Cheers for now

Gaz Wink
Have a search on the forum for blower problems there is plenty about it. Does it work on 1 speed? It could be the blower resistor ( something like this but may not be your model )
Its attached to the heater blower and i think you access it from passenger foot well and its up under the dash but cant remember for sure. Check the fuse first though in haynes book it says fuse F20 and rating 25a.
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I'd first check the blower fuse. Not sure where that might be on a Mk. 1
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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Thanks doesnt work at all im afraid..
Anyone any ideas where and what size the fuse might be pls?

Thanks gaz
Quote:Check the fuse first though in haynes book it says fuse F20 and rating 25a.

Tomcat3 answered as above. The fuses are most likely under the dash behind a small panel that will pull out to expose them. Check the passenger side and drivers side. Mine are on the dirvers side but then I have a lhd mk. 3.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
I've got a different tack.

First pop the lid and check that hoses to and from the heater matrix are actually connected through the bulkhead. The matrix often leaks at about ten years of age due to cracking O-rings in its top cover; this is a dash-out job to repair or replace. As you might imagine, the quick and dirty fix is to bypass the heater by joining the two hoses on the engine side of the bulkhead.

If it all looks present and unmolested (and no smell of antifreeze in the carpet) remove the felt panel above the passenger's toes. Look under to the left, for the round base of the blower fan. You'll see a maroon/brown plug with four wires in it - two are large, two thin. Unplug this and with the motor running, use a test light to see if there's 12V at the large red wire in this plug. If so, you have a controller fault.

If there is not 12V at the fat red wire, you have a supply problem - on pre multiplex cars (and being a 51 plate yours might be either type) Fuse 29 is officially the supply line but wiring books are not always bang on. The current passes from the battery/ignition switch through the fuse panel, to a black relay under the dash, then to the four way plug. On multiplex cars, I can't comment as the wiring for them is quite different.

Anyway, hope this gets you moving towards a solution.
Thanks off to work now but hopefukly try this later this afternoon when home..gotta start somewhere..oh there is heat blowing out but only when I drive at high speeds as its being pushed through..

Ta gaz
It's likely to be your heater resister pack that needs replacing.
Give the motor a thump, see if it starts going, mine did it and I managed to keep it going by walloping it for a few weeks untill I got a new motor.
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Guys ive just been out to it and first thing i did was tap the blower under the glove box gently with a hammer...soft tho.. and its started to work on all speeds as it should..

So whats likely to be wrong and will it go again lol?

Thanks gary

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