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heater blower problems
Can anyone help the blower fan as stopped operating, I have tested fan motor runs fine when 12v applied to terminals or when wire attached from battery to negative terminal. I presumed fault must be in resistor pack or switches replaced both still does not work. Haynes wiring diagram is hopeless as is fuse listings does not fit my vehicle 2002 1.4 petrol Forte. Anyone got ideas what fault may be
The best approach is to get your van plugged into a Lexia - is anyone near you kitted out with either the real deal or a clone? Unlike generic code readers this will enable you to see the precise description of faults in your climate control system.

That said, a frequent source of poor fan behaviour is high resistance at the connector plugs - they are not assembled in a way ideal for carrying large currents over the car's life.
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Thanks I have WD40 sprayed all connectors and tested for resistance and they appear OK, the problem I have got is that the Haynes Manual wiring diagrams have no resemblence to what's in the car so unsure if I've got them all. I will get it booked in local garage and try the Lexia idea.
Hi, here you go. If this still doesn't look like yours P/mail me your Vin No. and I'll dig out the correct one.
Let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:

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2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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