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intermittent starting problem
Hi, Newcomer to this forum, but I have been searching answer to my problem and wonder if anyone can confirm this?

Recently when stopped for a minute to go into a shop, found engine would not start afterwards. Just a click sound when I turned ignition key. Paused to check everything (doors, seatbelts etc) and when I tried again the engine fired and off I went. Happened again the next day but this time I had to wait a couple of minutes before the engine fired. Couple of days later it happened again - when I was out with family. We waited and tried, waited and tried but eventually had to call breakdown recovery. By the time they arrived the engine just started ok. Took car to garage next day - it had been serviced just two weeks earlier - and they said battery faulty so replaced it at cost of £70.
Even after that, it failed again and this time I was without the car for two days and had it returned with a bill for £310 for work fitting a new 'fuse box' (engine compartment, passenger side near battery).
Yesterday it failed again, just half mile from the garage and mechanic came out and heard for himself the 'click'. He says it is now a problem on the starter motor and the car is back in the garage again.

My concern is that it may not be the right answer. Searching through this forum I have seen many references to the 'ignition control unit'.
Symptom is just a click when engine is warmed up and stopped for less than 2 minutes before starting it again. Time period increases if engine is driven for longer.
Anyone here think this is the starter motor, the control unit or something else?
That sounds like a very dodgy garage you are dealing with .
Have they told you what error codes are showing up ,also you haven't told us what model of Berlingo you have .
I'm surprise the garage didn't check the starter first as the click you describe is the classic sound of a stuck starter motor.
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Hi & welcome.Check all cable connections are clean & tight on batt & earth cables.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
My Nissan used to do something similar and I used to carry a small hammer to tap the solenoid and starter motor, fixed it every time but I never spent the £200+ on a new starter motor. As above check all your connections and try a known good battery or a jump start to see if it still does it just to eliminate another possibility.
So where does this bit go then ?
Well, garage now say they have removed started motor and it fails on bench tests. So I am waiting for it to be fixed. Delay now is that (here in UK) we have a public holiday on Monday, so nothing more will happen before Tuesday.
Problem before was that the click failure only happened away from the garage, but as their mechanic himself heard the click noise on the latest failure that was the 'clue' he needed. They rely on an auto-electrician coming round, so I will probably recommend they find someone else who is better clued up.Maybe they will admit to there being no fault on the 'fuse unit' and refund me that money. Well, I can hope, yes?
We had the same problem with our mk2 1600 petrol and it was the starter motor, the problem got worse and worse until it wouldn't start at all, our friendly garage who we have used for years changed the starter motor and it's been fine ever since.
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Ok, so we had it back from garage yesterday, with apologies for the delay in fixing the problem. Starter motor has been replaced at no further cost. Have had it for a day, running around town and no further problem.
Thanks for your comments everyone.
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Thanks for the update on the solution good to hear you have a result ....... I have to say that I would look for a different garage to go to in future as their diagnostic skills seem lacking to me. Just my views.

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