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jump lead starting on mk 3
Does anyone know how to and where do leads go to use leads to start another car?
On mk 3 there appears to be no where to attach leads to.....
I tried opening red cover over battery terminals and broke the bloody thing [ other mk 3 owners beware]. fortunately under first service they replaced broken cover....
the possitive is at the front and the negative is beside if not earth it on the body but you have to have the engine running if its a mk3 berlingo because its a closed circit or something like that i found out that when i had problems with my mk2 and tryed strarting it off my dads mk 3 van without the engine running and nwt happend
get a life get a van !
sorry excuse my ignorance...front o what ..the red cover? I cant see any bear wires / terminal connections.... and I didnt want to ask citroen as they were replacing red cover free of charge....otherwise they might have charged me..

on my mk3 you never need to remove the red cover. (I did once just to see what was under there - looks like voltage regulator) The pos. lead is to the left of the red cover when you're standing in front of the car looking aft. It is bright and shiny. For the neg lead I just use any exposed metal that is clearly connected to the chasis.

2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
To start another car from battery of your Berlingo u must disconnet + or - wire from your car.
If you will not do it you can burn a diode's brige in alternator.
How to connect/disconnect batery, please read user's manual. It's not so easy Smile
The positive battery terminal is under black cover on left of plastic battery housing as it faces you. The negative jump lead is connected to the round metal bit screwed to the inner wing on right as you face car.
Im not doubting you pch, but can it be that hard? Maybe a piccie for us non mk3 owners would be good to see whats going on, because i am confused!
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 [Image: mybbsig.php]

+ terminal under cover, round bit on inner wing for negative lead.
[Image: p3200010.jpg]
Terminal is quick release so perhaps detach it before jumpstarting another car. Although if it was your own battery that was flat you would need to leave connected. Some say it is dodgy jump starting modern vehicles but as modern vehicles can't be tow started if the battery is dead there appears to be little alternative.

It has always been the case(I think)that if you accidently connect leads round wrong way you will burn out the alternator of car you are trying to start.
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ok guys so your saying I have to connect my red to red as shown above? my earth / black to any bit on car body, [ I dont have a red little pad bit like the above, just a bit of flat metal with + stamped on it]. BUT i must disconnect one of the battery leads or I risk burning sommat out.....
and Andre , you dont have to doubt me, I am just thick ,... mechanically , hate the dirty smeely stuff under the bonnet. Gets all ove ryour hands.....and no I `m not queer........Just had a company car from 19 for 30+ years so never had to touch em.
Now I`m paying I have to get into em a bit more...
I know this is an old thread,but I was reading through some threads and thought I'd stick my two'penneth in:whistle:

Although mine is a LHD car,I suspect the layout under the bonnet is the same for RHD.

The positive (+) terminal is under the small black plastic flap here..
[Image: jTQYl.jpg]

...and the negative(-) terminal should be connected to this metal stud located on the inner wing..
[Image: scHNn.jpg]
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
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