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lightning strikes, Berlingo
So I was driving a chum of mine a while ago through a thunderstorm and he said a car is the safest place to be in a storm as the metal cage protects anyone inside.

ok, I sad, but the modutop roof on this one is plastic. He went a bit quiet.
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I think it's called a Faraday cage?I would have thought the roof frame would be enough?
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(20-01-2016, 07:33 PM)ron Wrote:  I think it's called a Faraday cage?I would have thought the roof frame would be enough?

Is it not the tyre's that stop the lightening  going to earth and not using you and the car as a conductor and the smell of burnt skin get that out of your carpet's.  Sad
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It's the same principal as an aeroplane. They get hit about once a year. The current flows around the outside as metal conducts best.

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Out of all the french car's nemesis you had to struck on.......ELECTRICITY
You are lucky it didn't stop and die there and then. Mine just developed a backfire and loss of power for no reason. Knowing french it will be coilpack or spark plugs AGAIN! fak
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rubber tyres are black cos they put carbon in the mix, carbon is a god conductor of electricity ,  lightening will go straight through the tyres to ground,  wet tyres even better,    Smile

btw they put carbon in to stop uv light penetrating into the rubber and destroying it.
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