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messsy here
Hi all

Im in the stage of setting up window cleaning and thinking about buying an older berlingo

Then i thought what better place to register than here Big Grin

Im semi-mechanical minded so looking for some advice here

Thanks all
Hi & welcome. If you want simple go for the 1.9.It's slower but for local work as you will do it'll spend a lot of it's time in a 30 limit chugging from job to job.
Keep the oil fresh & a drop of millers or similar will help keep the injectors clean.Try to give it a decent run now & again will help as well.
Good luck with both van & job.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Advice? Get yourself a banjo-ukulele:

The blushing bride, she looks divine.
The bridegroom, he is doing fine
I'd rather have his job than mine,
When I'm cleaning windows...

To counter Ron's comments on the diesels, note the problems with 1.6HDi motors - they get a lot of "airtime" with problems related to turbos and oil. I'd also be shying away from anything with an FAP in it, unless you are game to remove it and reflash the software.

On petrol engines, the 1.1 is just too weak for most of us, the 1.4 has age-related gasket issues with oil permeating the coolant, the 1.6 is a nice unit but I've seen a couple with suspect ECUs (quite fixable, just another cost). A sly decat won't so much offer more power as the prospect of the cat never blocking up on you.
That was funny i did chukkle lol

So i ended up with a 1.9D 2004 600kg berlingo

All looks well except it crunches going into third but ill open a new thread for the problems

Overall its very tidy and respectable so hoping i can get some much needed info here at berlingo forum

Things ToDo:
Sort third gear out
Find diagnostics (that work with op-com cable)
Find dealer tools/info discs
Buy haynes manual
Insulation for my window cleaning gear
Find out what engine code i have to sort a service plan out (inc part numbers)
Go To WORK and earn some money!!!
Good choice mate, I've had the same age and model for 3 years now and its never let me down. Just run of the mill maintenance to keep her going. Nice and easy to get to filters and everything like that too.

Good luck Big Grin
Was just looking at all the filters, seems easy to work on (from what ive read)

Got to replace the cam cover gasket at some point
(02-04-2013, 08:49 AM)messsy Wrote:  Was just looking at all the filters, seems easy to work on (from what ive read)

Got to replace the cam cover gasket at some point

There's a thread about that,read & inwardly digest.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy

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