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metal shavings in fuel filter
Hi ive just bought a 56 plate 1.6hdi berlingo and was giving it a service today eg new filters and oil. when i took the fuel filter out there was metal shavings under the filter! would this mean the fuel pump was on its way out?? or what would the shavings be from?

the van takes a while to start in the morning but starts fine for rest of the day ive bought new heater plugs but am thinking about taking them back if its the pump thats causing the problem!

any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....

need a photo really as you can get some metal particals from the fuel pump in the filter as the norm. The problem is the ammount (if its lots it is the pump) so its difficult to say without seeing it myself.

Do you have a plug and play filter on yours or the elliment type - just wondering if you had to prise it open to check the old filter - i do with mine!

As for the cold start problem it could be a few things, is the starter turning it over fast enough in the morning? It could also be fuel run back, like i say many things.

You could do with a diag as the first port of call
........ Every Citroen diesel I've ever had over the years has had some metal flakes in the filter housing so it isn't necessarily a " problem " as such depending on the amount of flakes of course. What you need to consider is how well the vehicle runs and how your economy is as a yardstick to the engine / pump condition ( metre stick in these modern times ??? )......

The starting thing could be absolutely anything and nothing ....

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