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no start, constant clicking, batt seems OK
Hi all.

Got into my van this morn and it wont start, theres no turning over just a constant clicking noise coming from under the bonnet.

The lights come on, horn works and stereo comes on. Also tried jump starting it and doesnt work.

Im pretty sure its not the battery, however i came back from a night out on saturday i realized i had left the lights on, needless to say i switched em off but they had been on for a good 12 hours.

the solenoid light does not come on at all.

does anyone know a solution, do i need to get a new starter ?

Lights on for 12 Hours?

Are w talking headlights?

55/60W H4 Halogens?

110W = 9.something Amps.
9.something A x 12 hours = Guess what... that's 110WH.

In other words, if you left the headlights on for 12 Hours, the battery is so drained that nothing should come on at all.

Park lights I think is around 20W each?
40W = 3.33 A, and again, for 12Hours, ends up at 40AH, or probably half the charge of your battery, or more.
(Not counting all the smaller drains What are the rear lights? 5W each, or 12W? )
Charge the battery 1st & go from there.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy

i had left the headlights on but not on full beam as i put them on in daylight during the storm.

its just i cant understand why the stereo is coming on and the horn and lights still work. Theres just a constant clicking and no solenoid light on the dash.

Also a 5 min charge before a jumpstart did absolutely nothing.
If you've left your lights on overnight,a 5 min charge is diddly squat.Charge for a min of 12 hours or try a substitute battery.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
As many others say, fully charge the battery first, if it doesn't hold charge then change it but ensure the bsi is in sleep mode (if you search then there is a full description of how to remove and refit a battery safely)
If you try to jump start Peugeot/Citroen then you can spike the bsi.
Earth straps are also a weak point, remove and clean up both ring terminals that are on the gearbox an the chassis.
The last time I was in a hurry to start a car with a flat battery(I think it was my BX), I first used a charger for 20 minutes, then switched it to 'start assist'...
That charger can deliver 200A for 20 seconds...
(My father uses it to start an old Belarus tractor)

A normal starter motor typically draws 80+ Amps.
(And that's in addition to the solenoid making the starter engage )

Starting without a 'boost' function?
Unless the battery has been given an overnight recharge, or you have a helper batter/car, just forget it.
The horn, lights and internal lights will all work with a drained battery as they use very little power from the battery so it sounds like your starter motor is not getting enough juice from the battery to turn the engine over.
Also if your battery is very old then you might have to replace it as it may not hold enough charge. If its a sealed battery then there is usually a little window that shows a green or red light depending on the state of the battery, if its one where you can refill with deionised water then check each level.

Ive bought a new battery and eureka its starting.

Was a little wary on getting a new battery as thought it was maybe something else, as the electrics all still worked.

Worse thing bout it was carrying a car battery half a mile up hill, was heavier than i anticipated. LOL

thanks again, untill next time.
Rule of thumb is , if you leave your lights on all night your battery will be flat even if it doesn't seem to be.

You should invest in a smart charger from either aldi or lidl only about 13 quid and you can charge the battery in situ.

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