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oil and stop light not on when ignition turned on
hi I have only just bought a 2.0 hdi 53 plate and when I turn the iginiton on the car checks engine oil level but the oil light and stop lights do not come on on the dash I read somewhere else that they will only come on to warn of low oil pressure but should they come on when you turn they key on ?

Hello Ray welcome to the forum good to have you with us the oil light should come on and stay on until you start the engine and then go out when you get some pressure the light bulb's have gone you need some new one's i think they are 501/ T 10 cap less :thumbsup:
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Hi and thanks fir the reply but I thought they were leds and not bulbs in the dash so yoy cant change them

If you pull the coolant sensor off the motor while it runs, the STOP light should illuminate. Does it?
if I were you I would take out the cluster and make sure somebody hasn't blanked off the warning lights, this happened to me when I bought a bmw x5 the airbag light and the engine management light had black tape over them to make it look like everything was ok, it had led's as well
and where would I find the cluster ?
Sorry maybe the wrong choice of words I meant your dash display where you see all your warning lights and speed, some not so honest sellers sometimes find a bit of black tape cheaper than fixing the problem it is warning them about in the first place, I hope it's not this but I would be a bit worried if it is not even lighting up when the ignition is on if it is led bulbs.
hi thanks but I did what addo said and pulled coolant sensor and the stop light came on and went of when I plugged it back in and does not come on with I put the ignition on . I was looking for the oil sensor not sure where it is was going to unplug this not sure it will work to get the light on .
glad its not been someone trying to hide something I was devastated when I checked my dash of the X5 and found the tape, Only had my berlingo a few days and this forum has helped me with loads of things that weren't quite right with it
yes but its more the oil light on the dash that I want to get resolved but if the stop light is working then cant be to much wrong , I have looked at the dash through the glass and there does not appear to be anything obscuring the oil light

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