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poor sound quality
Hello there I'm new to this site so I'm not sure if this has been asked. I've just bought a berlingo mk2 07 it came with a tape deck so I've replaced it with my kenwood KDC-BT6544U from my old car. And I've also replaced the speakers with This component speaker kit.
I've installed the tweeters in the dash using the existing cables which was already under the grill after that I replaced the oem door speakers with the 6.5" subs. The only thing I haven't used is the crossovers from this kit as they should already be in place from the original OEM right?
I just wanted to get a nice quality of sound with a bit of bass but this setup just sounds aload of crap sound very tinny it seams as if the tweeters are getting more power than the sub's. I've tried changing the equalizer setting and it sound slightly better but still poor. Anyone got any ideas what I've done wrong here or do they sound this poor? Is it because my head unit can't power the speakers? Thanks ollie
I think you may have been stitched up with this. An '07 Mk.2 is fitted with a CD player + radio.
The sound quality is not cutting edge but certainly not 'crap'. Sounds like the previous owner (s)
took out the original and found a replacement at the local scrappy!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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From looking at reviews on the internet, it appears the consensus is that these need a hefty amp to drive them which your Kenwood may not have and also the tweeters can sound a bit harsh.

I'm no expert when it comes to ICE, but I would assume the OEM crossover (if there is one fitted) is 'matched' to the OEM speakers and so may not be correctly set up for your new speakers, meaning (as you have already found out) that the tweeters are being fed more of the 'music range' than the subs - if you leave it like this, you will eventually blow the tweeters as they are probably working beyond their specifications.

Your only option really is to install the crossovers that came with the set and hope that the sound improves.
Thanks for that I'll try and install the crossover for them. Not sure where abouts in the the dash the original connection will found tho
You could try the following before attempting to strip the dashboard - it may give you an indication whether adding the crossovers will work in your case.
You won't get to hear the sound as intended as speakers need to be in an enclosure, but you should hear whether the crossovers make a difference

If possible set up the Kenwood on a bench or in the car and wire it up without using the OEM cable - you will need some lengths of speaker cable or any other cable.
Use all the supplied crossovers etc
You will end up having cable all over the place, but at least this method may indicate to you if the crossovers are going to make a difference.
If it does make a difference, then you can start stripping the dash.
If it doesn't work, at least it has saved you the job of stripping the dash.
Ive had a little look today at the speaker wiring it appear that there is no OEM crossover it just has 2 cables running out of the of the head unit harness 1 to the tweeters and 1 to the bass speaker Im Gone install The crossover from the kit if its still pants Ill get my self an amp. Thanks for your help
the easy way to do this is to cut the wiring at the rear of the oem head unit plug and find out which is tweeter and which is midbass and connect them to the appropriate outputs from the crossover (the oe crossover is on the back of the tweeter in the form of a suitable 6th order capacitor to cut mid and lower freqs from the tweeters) and then solder the outputs from the stereo to the input wires on the crossovers and voila should sound better

from experience if theres a -3db output from the crossover i would use that as the tweeters and crossover in most setups are geared towards the tweeter being put on the same plane and axis as the midbas unit ie next to it, yours are much closer (relative to the mids) and more on axis so will sound lots more in your face, dropping the treble level on the stereo is a way round it but will kill mid output and is not ideal for decent sound Wink also a good amount of sealing/deadening in the doors is needed to get the most from a midbass driver in a door Wink ill be doing a tutorial picture guide to how to deaden a door properly like the pros do it at some point when i stop being lazy and put some gear in the van Smile

if you have poor bass after this then id check your doors have at least the pvc 'shower curtain' rain shield type part glued inside them Wink this is not ideal for aftermarket speakers but should at least give some improvement if its not there.... also make sure you have the speakers in phase with each other ie with +ve and -ve the correct way round, sounds daft but makes a huge difference Wink
Would the crossovers be fine just under the head unit as there is alot of room in there?
yes they will be fine there, its the easiest place to put them in all honesty or in the side of the centre console or between the bsi and the centre console under the dash Smile
Another quick question is there anyway of removing the eco mode?

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