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seatbelt bleeper
hi all out there does anybody know how to disconnect the seatbelt bleeper i live one mile up a privite road and dont want the belt on
Just plug the seatbelt in and sit on it?
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Try plugging in the passenger seat belt into the drivers receptacle.
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Reverse up the drive, mine doesn't beep when I go backwards.
So where does this bit go then ?
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(18-04-2014, 08:46 AM)jonathan Wrote:  hi all out there does anybody know how to disconnect the seatbelt bleeper i live one mile up a privite road and dont want the belt on

I quite agree and think this beeping is all a bit 'Nanny State': there's a light on the dash anyway...
For what it's worth, I could disable the same in my previous car (an off roader where it really was annoying!) by inserting & removing the belt ten times with the ignition on. While I can well imagine there's a similar hat-on-backwards-while-pressing-something trick for these cars, I've no idea what it could be.
As an act of last resort, have you asked a dealer (pick one not too close, show an interest in their full service and oh, how much extra to disable the beeper?) because if they say it can be done then odds on it's possible via the diagnostic port...just need someone with the right kit to get to that menu item now!
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Disconnect the 2 cables to the seat belt switch located under the driver seet. Start&stop will stop working after a while though, for security reasons. Just connect the cables again to reactivate start&stop
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hi there thanks to theMPG i have just done that and no bleeper on great news for my ears
On my Mk3 it stopped bleeping after a certain time. Is wearing a seatbelt that annoying even if its on a private road?
there are to many laws out there now its just nice to be a little bit free now and then!!

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