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sprouts lingo.
Had my 2013 Enterprise van for a while now, figured I would post a few pics & info on my upgrades for anybody interested.
Started with some soundproofing, got my gear from 'the sound deadening shop', 2 boxes of the 4mm silent coat & a box of bits, good service here.

[Image: 0ee67243ba4870fab97e1131803b8129.jpg]
[Image: 35553d735a73b1e4dfce9259d9bbf4be.jpg]
[Image: 87441f0e137c499b91f24896d8087471.jpg]

Its been a touch fresh so a quick blast with the heat gun to warm the floor, the supplied roller was very dissapointing, it kept coming loose, requiring two allen keys to tighten, then with a couple of sheets to go, it sheared altogether, you can see the thread is pitiful, I will repair with a decent bolt.

[Image: 9216da42f0d8f2f6e81d33461b5f5afe.jpg]

I used one box to complete the load area.

[Image: 022b32ca280386771d76245c57ac7878.jpg]
[Image: b65062d5eed5aaa7b7eac2e018de73af.jpg]

I will be part boarding it out, more on my kit & enquiries shortly.

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I was after a 12mm floor with the anti slip, most offer 9mm, one company looked to have some decent gear 'van racking solutions', but no prices listed and as the saying goes, if you have to ask you cant afford it. Off went my email, as expected my time and theirs wasted, why do they bother. The reply..

Good afternoon

Your van Citroen Berlingo 2013 L1 with 1 sliding door.

We can supply
· a 12mm resin coated floor at £148.20 + VAT
· a corrugated aluminium floor at £226.98 + VAT

There will be a delivery charge of £25 + VAT

We will have to order these item from Italy with a maximum 3 week delay.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


I will pass thanks.

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Thats a great idea for sound deadening ,has it reduced the noise ? With regard to the floor if you have the tools why dont you do it yourself with some 12 mm waterproof ply from B@Q. Its very easy to make a "former" with cardboard first, cut the panels a touch on the big size and them trim down.Do you know anyone whose handy ? much much cheaper than buying pre-made.You can buy 3 mm rubber matting to cover it from Toolstation / screwfix on line delivered directly to you.Simples !!
You may find that the rubber floor from the 2015 enterprise model will fit - mine is certainly quiet enough sat at 65-70.
2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
Noise is definately down a touch, cheers for the info bikergraham & Tree. I do have the brother in law but time is the major factor, never seem to have any working nights, & 3 kids.
I had already ordered a kit from Vanax in Scotland, its a full kit (sides, arches, floor) was about £180 delivered, arrived in a couple of days.

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The pre drilled kit seems very well finished, came with comprehensive fitting instructions & all fixings, will grab some photos at some point but here are the bits & bobs, I seperated the fixings to check it all, I have extra.

[Image: 1e55b076f808bbc976f46558410d966a.jpg]
[Image: fd06a55863f0e89b9d658cb88da87cf6.jpg]
[Image: fb53e8b913e5d5dae76370932da6a5cf.jpg]
[Image: 8b040a46b19a162a6a245e2360d5f69e.jpg]
[Image: ebfa431e2dabc13951bb61f7916197cf.jpg]
[Image: c89d4949b3788a51ee2a0d303f810f5f.jpg]

Just need time to attack it!

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Some nice kit good work Cool so far keep us up to date
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Finally got round to fitting the floor, its a decent cut around the edges. One of the pre drilled holes had to be redrilled as when drilling the actual van floor, the drill bit was hitting the corregated section on the angle, snapped a couple of bits here so make sure you have spare!
I installed a couple of extra fixings to the smaller piece for more stability.

The cut outs for the strap rings are ok but could do with a touch more room. I used waxoil for the holes in the van floor. Used my new Bosch Impact driver, quality kit.

[Image: fc19d704f666907c14bff995697ce439.jpg]
[Image: ea54e7bc2d349cdbe6b563e959ae9cbf.jpg]
[Image: f81794e41764efd45b349f1278339c6f.jpg]
[Image: a7342a702eb0862c63579c24bfa95774.jpg]
[Image: 686cfb12c36d2b5914b57f0a9cadf4c5.jpg]
[Image: d2a64904b0d8d2bd2529fc4c9d2e8ba3.jpg]
[Image: 6dbf46dbdb167c9bb8a81c9c1ebb9954.jpg]
[Image: adaeee9bea636a7db353d00b93eae8ac.jpg]

And fixed the poorly designed roller for the next stage.
[Image: edc05f8ccbb86d489f08f4d1c31d175b.jpg]

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