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strange noise, grey/white smoke, no power! help
hey everyone I have a 1999 1.9d with 130,000 miles on the clock. The van had been off the road for a few years before I bought it and got it back on the road. from day one I thought the fuel filter was dirty as it regularly struggled to pick up the revs, then would suddenly clear and take off. A mechanic friend said the injectors might need replaced, then this morning the engine started making a really throaty sound like an old transit when the revs built up. And on the way home it got really bad, then grey/white smoke would belch out in time with the sound. Finally it started loosing power until I was forced to stop and get towed home. There is no oil loss, water loss, engine seems to tick over ok, and my dad said he could smell diesel when he arrived to tow me home. Does this sound like knackered injectors something more serious? thanks, John
Check the timing belt and valve/pump timing. I assume you did the fuel filter?
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
(03-04-2015, 07:56 PM)ddb Wrote:  Check the timing belt and valve/pump timing.  I assume you did the fuel filter?

doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the timing, fuel filter looks pretty new, no mayonnaise around the oil cap and oil and water level fine. Tried to start the van this morning, van fires up right away but then dies after a few seconds. I'm not a mechanic but do have basic knowledge. It just doesn't seem to be timing related. How can I test the injectors?
Could it be the egr valve?
The white grey smoke is unburnt diesel , that's why your dad could smell it. It could be a sticking/faulty injectors.

One sign for faulty injector is the injector pipe getting really hot compared with the others, caused by heated air being forced through the injector and into the injector pipe when on compression stroke. This is usually with a loud knocking noise.
cheers for the advice guys, I have a spare van which I was hoping to put back on the road but will need to rob the injectors off it. I removed the main plastic engine cover over the fuel filter and egr valve, and the two hex key bolts on the cover over the injectors but can't figure out what else is holding it on? Also the egr valve has a black oily coating inside it? any advice will be welcome. thanks again.
I removed the egr valve today and found it full of soot. The valve was closed as should be, and I was able to open it when pushed with a screwdriver. It opens about half an inch then springs shut, so I removed the one from my spare van which was full of black oil but also closed and moved about half an inch before shutting. It looks as though the valve works so has anyone any other ideas before I start pulling injectors out. Also what is unhealthier a sooty egr valve or an oily one? thanks, John

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