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window washers wont work
as title just stopped typically two days before psv is due have checked all fuses seem fine none busted...tried multimeter on wiring and am getting -12v when activated also tried a 501 sidelight bulb for good measure in the connection nothing am lost any ideas?
Can you hear the washer pump working? If not then it's u/s. If yes - make sure there is no leak in the pipe. Had our 1.4 pump go and, having removed the inner wheel arch to replace pump, found pipe to screen had split in. Also make sure the pipes/jets are not blocked
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If the fuse is ok and there's power when the switch is operated is there any noise from the pump? Could be the pump itself has died or maybe one of the pipes has come off. Process of elimination I guess... :thumbsup:
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I've had this.
The pump did make a noise, but the shaft from the motor to the pump ahd sheared and the motor was just spinning freely, apparently its common.
My local motor factors had a new one, but it was only one water pipe output, so the rear wash wipe no longer washes, also note there are diffo connector styles, take your old one out first if you can.
You have to remove the inner wing plastic doofer on the drivers side, and you need a few 3/8" socket extensions to reach up to undo the upper bolts, which may be rusted up.
Also while your at the factors get a length of 6mm washer tube and a couple of inline pipe joiner connectors, they tend to get manky where they live.
all reading i got was at the pump making no noise at all dont think that the fault tho as no power at the pump going to try the realy
i,ve had this too,, its the relay thats gone,, i couldn't identify which relay it was but everything seemed fine, the 2 wires that connect to the pump work in two ways,, its the relay that decides which wire to make live and which to make earth, hence turning the pump one direction or the other,, front or back,, i ended up wiring it direct as i didnt want to mess too much with the bsi,, thats where the relay is,, probably the best way to identify it is to change relay by relay and you will find it,, let me know if you do,, cheers
my van dosent have rear wipers anyone know location of relays from what ive found online the relay should be blue
turned out it was the pump after all the faffing about!
Good to see it sorted Confusedalut:
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Hi , my window washer pump has stopped working , we had a hard frost last week and the water/mix had frozen . could the pump have been damaged when trying to operate the washers. Only tried now and again to see if the water had thawed out . I,ve had a look under the bonnet but have not a clue  what to look for . Is this going to be a garage job . The car XTR 1600 auto is 18 months old , would it still be under warranty ?  thanks for any info ....HB

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