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xu9dt into a berlingo
i an looking to remove the dw8 engine from my berlingo van and fit a d turbo in its place...
the problem i have is that i know they are a strait fit exept for the exhaust the problem i have is the electrics my van is a 2000 model meaning that it uses a ecu now the engine i want to fit has no ecu to run it as it is all mecanical settings... so im realy asking is how do i get all the clocks working without the ecu in place eny infomation would be gratefully exepted thanks in advance...
i have just done this conversion , i have a partner DW8 2001. same really. not that hard to do just a bit of wiring to adapt.
email me if you want more info
Goes like fook now.

Hi Martin!

How much did the engine conversion cost in the end?

And is there much of a difference?


Bought an mot fail zxtd for 300 quid and and ripped the motor out, put new water pump belts , full service and a few other bits all told so far has cost about 450 quid plus got 80 quid back scrapping the shell. Has it made a difference, HELL YES. it goes like the clappers now . i can overtake safely without even having to change down have embarrased a few folk off the line with it, dont get me wrong its no hot hatch but much better than the standard van . still got some more tweaking to do yet but dont think i will get that much more out of it now without major mods. Done all the work myself so saved loads.

Hi mate, I'm looking at doing this myself to my mk1 van, am I right in thinking the 1.9 XUD out of a zx, zsara or 306 is a straight swap into a berlingo? which gearbox are you using ?

yes correct 1.9 xud9te out of a zx 306 or xsara , im using the van box still but am changing to the zx box , better gearing, all will fit.

Hey. I have a question. If both are the same engines, xud9. just on zx its with turbo. Why it isnt possible just to fit turbo, intercooler and everything else on berlingo xud9 from zx xud9td?
Engines might look the same externally but need to check swept volumes, compression ratios and fuelling system etc as fitting a turbo onto an engine that has not had one fitted previously is a bit more involved technically....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Thanks Smile And what would be easier. Fitting in xud9te or 2.0 hdi from berlingo? Smile
I've never attempted either engine swap but to fit the 2.0HDI you would need the wireing harness and also the engine control unit (ECU) which must be matched and compatible to the particular engine and this engine is totally controlled by electronics.......
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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