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y reg 600d x fuel consumption
Ive noticed quite a difference in consumption going from my astravan 1.7cdti (turbo) to the 1.9d non turbo, the astra was taking about £10 per day but the lingo takes double that :O dont ask me what mpg Im getting as I dont have a clue but I was surprised the lingo takes double the amount each day, I thought seeing it is a 1.9 with no turbo it would be more economic. Is there any way of improving the consumption apart from the obvious such as not driving it as hard and keeping the tyres inflated to correct psi?
Mines does 48mpg
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Unfortunately, in my limited experience, a turbo-charged diesel engine is a lot more efficient than a normally aspirated one.
However, sometimes this is countered by the fact that a turbo has
a lot more electronic controls and is generally less reliable as there is more to go wrong.
My turbo 1.6 Di can give extremely good mpg on a long motorway trip if it's not hammered and I've seen over 65mpg on a long trip.
Overall it gives 48mpg to 50mpg with the normal round town shopping trips.
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The stated MPG figures that Citroen gave for this engine was:

Urban 32 mpg
Extra urban 49mpg
combined 40 mpg

Compaired to the 2.0hdi which was 39 / 57 / 49 respectively.

It was the low quoted MPG that convinced me to go for the 1.6 petrol which was the same price and abit quicker off the mark.

Now given that most stated MPG figs are based on perfect driving conditions and often seem out of touch with reality, you might be getting a combined figure of nearer 35 mpg and apart from making your foot a bit less heavy, there's probably not that much you can do about it.
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The 1.9D is old technology & revs higher than the 1.6hdi. The only way to get reasonable mpg from the 1.9 is to accelerate fairly slowly through the gears & keep motorway cruise down to about 65mph. Doing this I averaged about 44mpg. My current 1.6hdi does over 50mpg if I drive it as described.
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cheers guys, will just have to drive like a pensioner and get used to it lol, I am used to faster cars/vans so will take me a while to adjust Smile
Just out of interest how far does your little beautie go on twenty quid then ?
Im a window cleaner so it gets a few miles on the clock each day, I suppose 20 quid would get me at a guess 80 - 90 miles, not entirely sure as I dont keep an eye on the miles but my 1.7 cdti astravan would do the same amount of driving per day on more like 10 - 15 quid, but then the astravan would be lighter and a couple of years younger and aimed more at fuel economy, shame its engine was made out of chocolate!

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