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Anyone bought an automatic? - demag - 28-08-2016

I always liked the dumpy looks of the Nemo and seen loads of low mileage autos for give away prices. I take it the autos are crap?

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RE: Anyone bought an automatic? - Johny555 - 28-08-2016

Or maybe the nemo is crap??

RE: Anyone bought an automatic? - Jed Clampit - 28-08-2016

Hello demag i don't think there well regarded in any form but find out for you self take one for a test drive then you can make your own mind up instead of someone doing for you. Smile

RE: Anyone bought an automatic? - doofer - 31-08-2016

It's possible that the autos are just overlooked. There are far too many people who don't even consider one. Dealers just keep reducing the price until it's sold, so a low price doesn't always mean it's no good.

If it's the same gearbox as the Blingo or similar type then it's superb. But you can probably get a lot more Berlingo for not much more money which IMO makes the Nemo pretty redundant - I don't see the point of them really.

RE: Anyone bought an automatic? - kevin58 - 26-09-2016

Hi I Have a friend who has one I have used it they same as belingo same spec ect although I would not buy one I like the  manual instead as I found when use the auto it uses more fuel and very thirsty so I think this is why they low mileage I maybe wrong but he don't use it much though only to his mum out on a sunday really