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Full Version: Clutch number two... Having fun yet ?
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Hiya all..

  Two weeks ago ( in the blistering heat ) I fitted a new clutch ( Quinton Hazel ) with genuine clutch fork and genuine thrust bearing / 3x engine mounts / Driveshaft seals / front strut top mounts / gear selector rods / wishbones / cleaned the starter motor / de-rusted and painted my Berlingo multi.. It took 3 days in 34 deg heat.. A clutch cable is still needed, I'll get around to it soon..

  Today I have been working on my Van, I changed the clutch ( LUK ) with genuine clutch fork and thrust bearing and front strut top mounts, started at 1130, finished 2030.. A day well spent.. The clutch I took out was a Valeo clutch and was Stiff, it had 6 springs in it of different strengths and the thicker heavy ones were almost worn through and on the point of snapping, the LUK and the Quinton Hazel had 4 springs.

  I have found something very interesting... The new clutches give a different feel, the Quinton Hazel clutch gives a heavy clutch pedal but the bite point is easy to find and the LUK clutch gives a very light clutch pedal, the light pedal is vague and is difficult to feel the bite point. I thought this might be of interest ..