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Full Version: Advice to safely tighten injector clamps on 1.6 HDi 2006 pls
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Cancunia replied to my earlier post - suggesting a new thread, if anyone has any further advice please:

I'm fairly sure that JJ9 & others have some views on how best to check & tighten, maybe post a new thread on the subject of how best to tighten them?

I sold my 1.6 a couple of years ago, so from memory..

Remove the engine cover
Undo the injector wiring guide, it's black plastic held in place with a couple of 8mm a/f head bolts.
Get a 7mm hex allen key & check that the injector clamps are not loose by applying a light loosening & tightening motion. I did this by feel and tightened the loose ones so they were no tighter than the tight ones (hope that makes sense).
There are 2 bolts per injector, they look like sleeve nuts and the 7mm allen key will only fit them.
Go carefully and gently is the watchword or you'll break something.

When I did mine I ground down the end of the allen key to mimic a ball end key and further up the shaft I ground to a round form / reduced diameter the shank of the key so that access to No4 cylinder injector is greatly improved, that way you reduce the degree of dismantling the fuel system.

Worked for me.

As sai though go gently !
I'm pretty sure it wasn't me that advised how to check / tighten the clamps as I've never had to do it, but no problem  Cool

Reading up on the subject there seems to be a few different opinions as to the best way to retighten them.

I think geoffs method is as good as any, and I think I would just tighten them by feel, but if you want a few more ideas have a read....


And Here

Hope this helps.

Hi - the first link JJ9 gives above provided me with a cure to a constant slackening on #3 injector as the threaded section in the head was  not fully tightened - when the silver top section was then tightened it would nip the injector onto the top of the mounting but, of course, the mounting was still loose. Oil puddle on head as a result

Anyways - I got set of new threaded mountings here  (yup - the HDi is in Fiats too - they do fit), and after cleaning out the head tappings they were torqued in and the minor oil puddle has now gone from the head. I have used a suitable Torx tool to tighten up the clamps instead of an allen key with no problems simply as I have a long set of those in a 1/4" drive
And there was me thinking the Multijet was a Fiat engine!

There's a lot of crossover between Torx & hex fittings, for example the Torx heads on the bolts will probably fit a small hex socket very well, as do 2 guide studs on the sump & the larger bolts on the suspension mounts. Personally, I prefer to use like for like where possible, but don't have any Torx sockets which is where I discovered the above.
I always use the one for the job, I got torx, spline, Alan and Mercedes star ones (wave stars, can't remember the name) as I've used torx on Alan and vice versa when stuck but it's not ideal if force is required. Luckily on the injectors you don't need much force but if you did, better to get the right thing.

Halfords sell all socket and bit types in singles so that's one way to get them. I bought deep impact sockets one by one that way, only as I needed them, for a few quid each.