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Full Version: Citroen Accessories
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Up until yesterday, if you wanted to buy genuine accessories for your Citroen, you could go online to and click the "Click and Collect" button under Accessories - but the only options down that rabbit hole were to buy a whole car or be pointed towards a dealer, whose link to Accessories led to... you guessed it. So I emailed and complained. And was told that would be sorted - by the simple expedient of removing the "Click and Collect" link. Which they've done.

So now your options are
(1) (minimum UK order of €170 + VAT + €29.99 shipping) if they list the item you're after.
(2) Look at the online accessories brochure, which doesn't list or describe everything, but includes items such as "Front parking sensors" which my dealer says they don't do, then phone your local dealer to ask the price of each item, and ask them to hang on while you think about it.

Have all those degrees in Business Studies with IT been achieved in vain?  Sad

EDIT: CORRECTION: You can still find the Click and Collect button for Accessories if you look hard enough on the Citroen site. Still doesn't work, though.