Uploading Pictures
There are two ways of uploading a picture for use in your thread or posts. For the following examples, i am assuming that you are viewing the New Thread page, ready to post your thread.

Method One - Using Attachments

This method allows you to upload not only pictures, but documents such as pdfs (useful for uploading manuals etc). It can also be considered more reliable since the files uploaded are uploaded to the site, and hence are not going to disappear as they would if they were hosted on another site, which went offline.

File size limit: 500kb - If your file is larger than this, skip to Method Two below.

Click on 'Choose File', select your file from the dialogue box, then hit 'Add Attachment' over on the right.

Once uploaded, you can either finish there and submit your thread, or you can click 'Insert into Post' which will then insert into the post "[attachment=xxxx]", which you can move around and place in the thread as you wish.

Method Two - Using Tinypic

This allows you to upload images of any size; but only images.

Click on 'TinyPic Plugin' which will then prompt you to select your file. Select it and hit 'Upload Now'.

All that you now need to do is select the code it gives you, and paste it into your thread where you want the picture to show.

Note: As a rule of thumb, if you are taking an image from another site and have a URL, just attacht [img][/img] around the image (manually, or by clicking the picture icon in the toolbar where B and I are.