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Newbe, Liverpool - pipereed - 09-03-2016

hello chappies!!!!

Just bought a 2001 Berlingo Van 1.9D.

Its not the tidiest van in the world and need some work. Its got a couple of odd faults. I wont post here, i'll go through propper forum etiquet.

RE: Newbe, Liverpool - 3rensho - 09-03-2016

Hello pipereed and welcome to the forum. Feel free to post some pics of your ride, tidy or not. We have all kinds here :-)

RE: Newbe, Liverpool - polar - 09-03-2016

Hi mate and welcome - will do our best to help with your faults

RE: Newbe, Liverpool - geoff - 09-03-2016

Welcome to the Forum, plenty here who will be able to help with your vehicle.

Newbe, Liverpool - pipereed - 09-03-2016

Thanks Guys! I must first apologise. I forgot my manners. My name is John and happy to be called by it.

Here's my little van..

[Image: 9c69d55cf33113614fc7e5279d1cd0f2.jpg]

RE: Newbe, Liverpool - Jed Clampit - 09-03-2016

Hello John welcome to the forum the nice looking van Cool hope your problem are small and sort lived. Smile