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Lights and steering failure - finny - 23-11-2020

Been away from the berlingo fold for a while, after a while with a combo back, I have weird issue, noticed when cold lights dim when changing gear, revs related I imagine. But today noticed dash and info display lights kept going off then all the warning lights going off, abs, traction, rev counter stopped working, power steering intermitant, engine light on. engine kept running fine, was recovered to garage but they can't find anything wrong, it seems fine now, any ideas?

RE: Lights and steering failure - Zion - 23-11-2020

I have to say my gut feeling is the BSI has had a stroke, or the battery is bad. May be worth trying a reset, or borrow a good battery and swap it out to try.l, and see what happens.

RE: Lights and steering failure - finny - 24-11-2020

Garage had a good look over, test drove it from cold, no codes even though all the lights came on, I think they changed 3 earth straps the office said, luckily I don't have to pay for repairs, I had an old mk1 that started off doing similar and I think that was BSI, next owner scrapped it, never had any probs with my 59 plate one previously. This is a 65 plate.

RE: Lights and steering failure - Zion - 24-11-2020

Could even be a faulty instrument cluster too, if it all drives ok despite the warning lights all being on.

BSI could also be a definite but not easy to prove.