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Cruiscontroll aftermount - Tikki - 23-11-2020

My b9 2009 has no cruisecontroll or speed limiter.

I have only the D marked normal speed pedal.
Do i need to switch this out to install the cruise control, and get this to work??
i will only activate the cruisecontroll in lexia.

RE: Cruiscontroll aftermount - Zion - 23-11-2020

Hi and welcome to the forum.

No, the D pedal works fine, the other pedal marked LV VD is only needed if you wish to use the speed limiter function.

You will need a clutch switch too, if not already fitted.

RE: Cruiscontroll aftermount - Tikki - 24-11-2020

Thank you. Is the g type gass pedal compatible with the speed limiter??

I don't have the extra click when it's fully pressed

RE: Cruiscontroll aftermount - Zion - 24-11-2020

Yep, G just means Gauche in French for left, so yours is left hand drive, D is for Droite (right) so it's fine with either one.

The extra switch on the LV VD pedal is just for the limiter function, and if the limit is set to say 50 but you need more for a safe overtaking manoeuvre, then pressing the pedal to the extra switch position just over rides the limit you had set.

If you buy a cruise control with a limit position, it will still be possible to enable cruise, but the limit position will do nothing and your maximum speed is unchanged.