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Ad Blue tank - Roswell - 14-01-2021

Any advice from members?

I bought a 17 plate brand new (pre registered) Berlingo Enterprise from Robins and Day Glasgow (part of PSA Retail) in September 2017. My warranty ran out in June 2020. The van was in for an Ad Blue system fault in March 2020 where they “replaced a sensor” under warranty. Last week I got the countdown message again with another error and now Robins and Day have told me that the whole system needs replaced at a cost of over £2k!!!

RE: Ad Blue tank - Tomcat3 - 14-01-2021

You need to go back to the dealer and tell them that under the consumer rights act 2015 that the van is not of suitable quality or fit for purpose and you expect the vehicle to be fixed free of charge. It has clearly had a fault before in the system and just because it is just out of the warranty has no bearing on the matter. If they do not take you seriously go to Citroen uk and make complaint to them, a 3 year old vehicle should not require 2000 pounds of repair. Do not be fobbed off you need to show you know your rights and are not going to roll over. Be business like but no not lose your temper as that will not help at all.

RE: Ad Blue tank - Roswell - 14-01-2021

Thanks for the reply. The dealer called back and said that Citröen are willing to pay for the tank but not the pipe work or injector or labour! I’ve now been onto Citröen customer services and am awaiting their response.

RE: Ad Blue tank - Roswell - 20-01-2021

Summary of where I got with them. Initially they agreed to cover the tank but that still left me with a bill of £1100. 9 phone calls and 3 emails later and they eventually agreed to pay 50% of this. The dealer has had my van for 7 working days now and they only reached the decision this afternoon. I don’t know if I’ll even get it back by close of play on Friday. Sick of it all!

RE: Ad Blue tank - Opensauce - 24-01-2021

17 plate ad blue using Berlingos required the ad blue filler cap to replaced by a modified version as the original cap did not ventilate enough causing ad blue tank implosion as ad blue was used up. Was your cap replaced? I got a call from my dealer to change cap a few months after collecting new car in March ‘17. Mine has been no problem.

RE: Ad Blue tank - Opensauce - 24-01-2021

Your ad blue cap should be this.

[Image: bf74d810.jpg]

RE: Ad Blue tank - Buki - 25-01-2021

Definitely, there was a SCR cap recall in 2017.

Old original cap:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5996]

New modified cap.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5997]