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Looking for BSI Pinouts please - Argos69 - 14-01-2021


I'm after the purpose of Pin 31 on connector EH2 on the Berlingo BSI if anyone can help?

I won't bore you with the entire story yet, but I'm going to be fitting a Cobra A615 alarm system to my 2017 Multispace. I hope to create a step by step guide to this, as it's fairly complex. Even Cobra, (sorry it's Vodafone now!) have totally conflicting information on their professional installer's website (no less than 4 completely different plans for the Berlingo/Partner from 2008 to 2018). They have, however been very helpful over the phone, once you get to know the number!

Anyhow, I've created a new and accurate connection list, which includes the new requirement for 3 diodes to be soldered in, but try as I might, I can't find the purpose of pin 31 on EH2, which requires a "diode-ified" connection.

I've searched everywhere I can think of, including an old copy of Sedre to no avail, so all help welcome.

RE: Looking for BSI Pinouts please - brajomobil - 18-01-2021

My SEDRE goes to 2010... sorry.
From reading around it is all "online" now... (not corona related Smile
So only "Neo" with citroen account is your best chance.

As I have mentioned before all those diagrams are "sh.."
Long time ago bought wire tracer:
I have expensive and cheap one, they work the, same. 
You must disconnect car battery !

Best regards,

RE: Looking for BSI Pinouts please - Argos69 - 24-01-2021

Hi and thanks for that brajomobil.

I've now completed the alarm installation and discovered that Pin31 on EH2 doesn't even exist!
It is clearly shown on the Cobra documentation as a violet wire, but the pin doesn't have anything at all on my car, so I left it unconnected. The alarm all works fine, so it looks like it'll remain a mystery.