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noise after engine off 2.0 hdi berlingo mk2
hi all.

since i owned my berlingo [close to 3 years] i've noticed a noise after engine turned off...

after engine switched off i get a low 'whirring' from somewhere in the engine bay - it sounds quite like a windscreen washer pump noise [but isn't!] - the sound lasts up to a minute and then slowly fades!

i've tried disconnecting the battery but the noise continues!!

any ideas?

steve g.
I've always had this on mine too. No idea what it is though and nothing seems to affect it so left well alone
i agree - if it ain't broke.... etc but i have a thirst for knowledge that is unquenchable!!
may be the turbo slowing down
I've noticed it on my Mk3 as well. I'm pretty certain t's not the turbo spinning down as it's more of an electrical noise. maybe an oil pump to keep the turbo bearings lubricated?
The Bus: 2009 MkIII VTR HDi 90, 7 Seater
It's not mechanical, definitely electrical but I haven't a clue what it is
the thing is, if it is electrical [which it does sound as if it it is an electric motor] .... why does it occur with battery disconnected? some kind of capacitor maybe?
My neighbours Renault does it also must be a French thing.
Our 1.9D does it as well. Comes from some device on offside of engine bay close to the vacuum pump.
Sounds like the air intake flap motor going back to rest position...the 1.6 hdis do this also.

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