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STOP! light and hand brake light constantly on
Hi everybody

I am new to this forum but i didnt know where else to turn.

I got my 53 plate berlingo 2.0 Hdi Van in jan of this year and have been driving it every day since. In early feb, the STOP! light and the hand brake light came up suddenly on the dashboard accompanied by a beep sound. This continued to flash for most of the journey home but it was only every 10 mins or so and seemed to be when i was going down hill. This has continued every single day since.

Later on in feb, i took my van for an MOT of which it passed with flying colours although i took the decision to change the crankshaft pulley. I took the van to a citroen garage located near to me and they wanted £155 just to diagnose the problem and frankly ive been driving it for around 5 months now without any major problems (touch wood), it would be a waste of my money.

Everytime i start the engine now it instantly beeps and flashes both STOP! and hand brake symbol at me and this continues unless i am going up a slight hill and accelerating, its strange because i sort of know when it is going to come on generally on flat ground, when i am sat still and when i am going downhill.

Of course this worries me when i am flying down the motorway at 70 mph and suddenly the STOP! sign comes on it is very unnerving especially as i am not a confident motorway driver as it is.

I really need help with this as it is practically constantly on.

i have checked the brake fluid levels and it is just low of MAX and there and no problems as far as i am aware with the brakes. Also when i bought the van i didnt get an owners manual and cant find one online.

Please does anyone know why it is constantly saying STOP! to me every when just starting the van its really starting to bug me now.

Thanks everyone
Those symptoms you describe sound like its the brake fluid level.

Even though it is just short of max I would top it up anyway, most people have done this when they have had this problem and this has cured it

Hopefully your one of these people.
It could be brake fluid level as [b]homeruk[b] said.. On the other hand, if it has ABS, you could have one or more damage (or dirty) wheel sensors..
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I'd go for the brake fluid level, the reservior is quite small on the Berlingo. Mine does the same thing occasionally after going down steep hills.

I don't have ABS btw.

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Hi guys

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have read many times that the brake fluid level causes this problem but my level is literally just shy of max would it really make that much of a difference?

And I believe I don't have ABS on my van, not that I know of anyway.
Yes it does like has been said its only a small reservoir

Top it up, cost a few pennies in dot 4 , and should fix it.

What have you got to lose?
True I shall top it up today and let you all know the verdict Smile
I agree with the fluid level concencus.My Berlingo likes to be full to keep the light out.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Topped up with DOT 4 today and it's all fixed amazing how 1ml can make such a difference lol thanks everyone
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If the fluid level has dropped it could be due to wear on the pads BUT it could also be down to a fluid leak. If the warning light comes back on have a look at the inside of the rear wheels from the rear of the van, if there is a leak it is likely to be the rear slave cylinders and fluid will leak down the back of the tyre from the inside of the rear brake drums. There should be no dampness around the rear of the brake plate / drum.

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